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«Bigo Ads: 800 million reach is not the limit»
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August 23, 2023

Bigo Ads: 800 million reach is not the limit

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A new alternative — the Bigo Ads advertising network — is coming to the aid of advertisers tired of the rigid policies of popular advertising platforms. It’s based on behavioral and thematic targeting, covers more than 150 countries, offers different ads formats and interaction models.

The platform created a stir among webmasters, app developers & advertisers in 2022, on the wave of the incredible rise of FinTech in Russia. Bigo Ads turned from a "dark horse" into a real beast with impressive ROI and audience reach very quickly.

What features does Bigo Ads platform have today & where to launch a campaign to get a good profit? Let's find out what problems Target audience faces in Russia and which verticals are being bet on for effective company promotion.

Part Of The Big Puzzle For Likee

Bigo has become a part of the legendary Likee platform with a huge user reach (< 150 million users per month). Bigo Network Audience is available in many different GEOs: Russia, CIS countries, Singapore, UAE, etc. Bigo ads are placed here only on trending formats. Here ads are placed only in trending formats: images, short videos & Carousel Format.
Bigo Ads works on thematic and behavioral targeting & attracts live traffic en masse. That's why it's easier for advertisers to recruit more users on social media and optimize marketing performance with Bigo Ads. Today, Likee's main audience is users 18-44-years-old (predominantly men — 62%). You'll definitely have someone to work with.

What To Expect From Bigo Ads?

  • 24/7 support — all ads are OM SDK certified by IAB and constantly monitored 24/7
  • Bigo audience size — < 200 million (overlap with TikTok — 23%, Instagram — 43%)
  • Relevant GEOs — Russia, Middle East, South Asia and 147 more countries
  • Two ad formats for Likee — Native Ad, Native Video
  • Five places to advertise — on Likee's Popular & Feed pages, as well as in the chat list, Stories & after the call is over

It's important to understand what to come in here with. Take a deep breath & relax: Bigo is a great profit with mobile apps, where blatant creatives & lendings are skipped. Also here constantly already added new "features", for example, the ability to work with link traffic. Good promotion is shown by the themes of apps, utilities, e-commerce, etc.

There's A Problem, But It's Solvable

Bigo's platform supports customized business goals & budgets, which allows advertisers to get good traffic. And everything is going well until you hit a pressure point. What problems does the Russian audience face when working with the platform?

You can't pour from personal accounts (self-regs) — the main problem in working with Bigo Ads. For advertisers, there is a "trip" to the agency account and full "face control" when matching ads. The wrong approach to working with the site becomes the only stumbling block.

The solution lies in finding the right agency account sellers that you can easily work with and earn money from.

Maximum Profit When Working With Bigo

The list of verticals is practically unlimited. Dating and E-commerce remain "evergreen" and profitable niches. Due to the loyal moderation on Bigo Ads, such verticals as information course, crypto, sweepstakes & apps can be missed.
Formats successfully used to attract traffic are:
Native integrations
Short videos
Interactive (auctions, algorithmic purchases & branding ads)
The Bigo Ads platform is designed to advertise not only mobile software, but also utility, FinTech, E-commerce, entertainment, and service verticals.
What is the uniqueness of this platform?

  1. Bigo Ads features a convenient three-tiered ad account structure reminiscent of Facebook. Here, advertisers include multiple ad groups in one campaign to control budget and better optimize.
  2. Moderation in Bigo Ads is characterized by high loyalty. Most verticals are skipped here. Most often they pour on apps, info courses
  3. Modern algorithms and AI technology help ads to adapt and adjust to the needs of the target audience in time
  4. Bigo has developed a service called Pixalate, which controls the visibility of the ad message on partner sites. Its mission is to prevent false impressions that waste the budget

A Successful Case Study With Bigo Ads

By promoting goods and services on Bigo Ads, we scale the advertising campaign, as we once helped a major Russian brand.

We started by creating an agency account on Bigo. The brand develops and monetizes apps in the "utility" vertical. The application at launch: scale the ad campaign by increasing CRT and reach. To accomplish this, our team strategized and executed the project on multiple fronts at once, leveraging pre-moderation, account managers, creative department, and SV platforms.

We had to work on:
  1. Coordination & realization of creatives
  2. Setting up an account on Bigo Ads
  3. Launching ad campaigns, adjusting the process.

Working with Bigo Ads, our client appreciated the absence of blocking: no one lost time, didn't risk the account balance, didn't "stumble" at the moderation stage. Well, was there any drama? Well, where without it! At the start the client encountered incorrect tracker operation and impossibility of direct launch to the application. Nor was it possible to make a direct link to the utility. Changing our strategy helped to bypass all the limitations and achieve a quick result. We launched via Bigo pixel integration, and instead of a link, we created an effective call preland.

The success of our case study can be seen in detail in the figures. In six months, the spend amounted to $328,000, this amount was spun from one account. A hundred creatives successfully passed moderation without a single redaction. Audience reach is prohibitive — over 794 million, and the icing on the cake was CRT, which reached 10.44%. Well done!

To Be Or Not To Be?

Bigo Ads advertising network is definitely worth considering for effective traffic. You can also work on e-commerce, like cosmetics brand Golden Apple did with 5 million+ downloads on Play Market.

Want to do the same? AdSkill's experts can help you get access to agency accounts! Thanks to high expertise and official partnership with the site, we'll create optimal conditions for your promotion. As soon as our clients have access to the help of the platform's technical experts, any problems with promotion disappear, and the profit increases significantly.