Digital Marketing Trends 2023

We woke up in a world where a 15-year-old TikToker earns more than a professor with 30 years of experience. He managed to take advantage of fresh digital trends. Anyone who continues building a promotion strategy on "old yeast" will likely fail.

It’s impossible to ignore the development of neural networks, marketplaces, a boom in short videos, active cooperation with influencers, and interactive content in 2023. They’re shaping the future of digital marketing. According to forecasts, by 2024, marketplaces will be able to control 54% of the e-commerce market, and the podcasting industry will grow to $4 billion.
Top 5 areas of digital marketing in 2023
Why is it important to stay on topic? It’s essential to constantly monitor the digital market trends to bring a business to the top. This will make it easy to beat competitors, build the best strategy, master the budgets of advertising campaigns and be the first to find tools for profit.

What areas of digital marketing are relevant in 2023? Today, 57% of people start the day by browsing their news feed and social networks – your potential customers online! Almost 70% of all online activity starts with search engines – SEO optimization is still at the forefront!

Digital marketing will gain a stronger foothold in the virtual world with VR and AR (Hello, Apple, and their new Visual Pro), Web3 will remain at the top, omnichannel (combining different channels of communication between the client & the brand, while preserving the history of communication and purchases) will become popular. And also...
The metaverse will swallow up reality
The basis of such worlds is user interaction. They buy digital assets, explore space, and create new objects. Here you can visit digital markets and participate in online campaigns of various brands. But before you use this idea, answer four questions:

  1. How to present your brand in the metaverse?
  2. How to run ads on virtual billboards?
  3. How to track the behavior of the target audience?
  4. What value can your company provide to the metaverse?

While you're pondering, Nike has already developed a digital world with Roblox, Lego, and Epic Games – an entire digital galaxy for kids. Fashion houses didn’t pause either, where Gucci demonstrated an exclusive pair of virtual sneakers. Don't put aside the tools of augmented reality. They’ll increase brand awareness and loyalty.
Nike с Roblox, Lego and Epic Games
An exclusive pair of virtual Gucci sneakers
Neural networks and automation will increase sales
The number of companies that successfully use Al has increased by almost 300% by 2023. Today, neural networks can create videos and images, write texts by tags, process client requests through chatbots, conduct behavior analytics, and analyze the work of managers.

For example, Alibaba Group was replaced by a neural network of copywriters. Now they print 20,000 lines per second, insert links on their own, and choose the tone of presentation. Voice bots, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri help to order goods and services. It’s predicted that in a year, the total amount of purchases online through voice assistants will reach $ 40 billion, and consumer spending will reach 18%.
Short video will increase audience engagement
Nothing holds customers' attention better than a short video. The digital trend offers to meet the minute of advertising time to promote your brand. The presentation goes straight to the action/call and doesn’t use a prolonged storyline in the video sequence.

Today, more than 70% of users choose videos when exploring new products. Yandex.Zen, YouTube and TikTok successfully use this trend. Shoot Reels and win the attention of a large audience (not just zoomers).
Interactive content will bring you closer to the audience
This is an effective strategy for attracting new and retaining old customers and promoting products/services. It’s based on quizzes (tests, questionnaires), media content "Before & After", ratings, and voting.

All this builds user loyalty, keeps their attention, and makes them spend more time on media resources. For example, KIA has launched an interactive virtual showroom with a 360-degree view, and the Nespresso brand has implemented a purchase function inside a presentation video.
Personalization will help retain customers
People want to be a part of something important. Therefore, retailers have learned to turn a casual customer into a regular customer through personalization. Inclusive marketing focuses on a circle of consumers with different cultural and social characteristics and physical differences.

Today, companies that use the personalization trend receive 40% more revenue. They use the client's name in the mailing list, congratulate them on his birthday, and send thematic collections and personal discounts on goods of interest. The task of personalization is to create value for a person and pay more attention to him, as the Hilton hotel chain, Yandex. Taxi, the perfume brand Sephora brand, and others have already done so.
No to standard promotion methods!
Using simple digital trends in 2023, you can effectively bring your business to the top. As a bonus, it will strengthen the brand image, stimulate repeat purchases, and return customers. Use all possible digital marketing trends to keep up with competitors in a rapidly changing reality.
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