Facebook post ideas to engage your followers

What is an engaging post
First, it’s worth sorting out the meanings. An engaging post is a post intended to provoke an active response from the audience. The most common types of post are entertaining and humorous posts, as well as contests and discussions. In this article, we’ve put together 6 engaging content ideas for Facebook with examples for you to take note of and increase engagement on your profile.
Why you need an engaging post
The algorithms for displaying content in your feed on all social networks are about the same. The more users react to your posts (like them, post comments, share with friends), the higher your content is prioritised.
Posts with more reactions are determined to be the most useful and interesting. Their chances of appearing in the feed of even more users and attracting an interested audience to your account increase.
What content should be on Facebook
Adapt your content specifically for Facebook. Many people simply cross-post, i.e. publish the same post on different social networks without changing it. Of course, this is quick and easy, but not as effective. The best posts are adapted to the perceptions of the audience, as well as to the technical side of the social network itself, which is different for Instagram, TikTok and the like. This approach will give you the highest results.
Facebook post ideas
Note that both horizontal and square posts look equally good in the Facebook feed.

1. Publish a list of inspirational things to do
People respond actively to information in the form of checklists and numbered lists, e.g:
  • “6 mistakes when setting up targeting ads”;
  • “5 films every PR manager should watch”;
  • “10 things to do this weekend”.
Think about what topics would be appropriate on your page. Post the list and ask for feedback or add to it in the comments.

2. Offer to play a guessing game
A guessing game with your audience is a great way to elicit a response from your audience. You can dedicate such a post to an upcoming launch of a new product or course to get your audience up to speed beforehand. Or you can use this format to remind them of your brand by engaging with your audience.
In the example below, Lenovo shares a photo and asks its subscribers to find all seven mini-notebooks hidden in it.
To further increase engagement, you can raffle prizes and discounts from your brand amongst the winners.

3. Ask the audience a question
Question posts can be single-answer, yes/no, open-ended, multiple-choice or even rhetorical. While simple yes/no polls are quicker and easier, open-ended questions allow your followers to tell you more about themselves and generate discussion in the comments to the post.
4. Start the challenge
Launch a branded challenge with a unique hashtag, just like Skittles did. In the #SkittlesArtChallenge, subscribers draw illustrations and sketches and complete them with colourful jelly beans. People are more willing to participate in the challenge, but the best entries will be published on the organiser’s page and prizes will be given to their authors.
5. Tell the audience about industry trends
Combine business with pleasure — people love getting useful information in an interesting and beautiful format. Show your expertise by making a card format selection of the top trends in the industry. As we have said, this content should be visually appealing to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to read it.
Some more ideas for Facebook posts about industry trends:
  • Create a professional digest with useful news and features from your industry;
  • Do a Facebook Live with an expert or an influencer to share their expertise;
  • Make a compilation of the most frequent mistakes (e.g. top 8 main mistakes of a novice programmer).

6. Do Facebook polls
Whether your field is IT, fashion, advertising or any other, Facebook polls are a great way to not only interact with your followers but also to make decisions. For example, if you can’t decide on the colour of your packaging or your next blog topic, you can create a poll and ask your followers to help you choose. In this way, you get to know your audience better and also show that you care about their opinions.
Use these Facebook post ideas to increase engagement.
These ideas will also help you develop a brand community, raise awareness of your products and increase sales. While creating truly engaging posts for Facebook may seem like a time-consuming task, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

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