How to use AI in working with ADS?

Digital marketing is developing rapidly, finding a lot of ways to improve business with the advent of neural networks. One of the tools is artificial intelligence, which gives companies several advantages in promoting goods and services. It learned to imitate human behavior and perform narrowly focused tasks. AI has "made friends" with Google, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and other top sites.

Although Elon Musk calls neural networks the "main threat" to humanity, marketers, targetologists, media buyers, and other digital workers don’t miss the chance to increase their work efficiency with their help.

The predictions regarding the AI itself are staggering:
  • Companies will spend over $500 billion on neural network solutions by 2023;
  • The global AI market will cross the half-trillion-dollar line by 2030;
  • The global level of its implementation is already reaching 35%.

Let's look at how AI can help you & your business.
Everyday life of artificial intelligence
The future has already arrived. Modern robots with AI work as announcers, fly into space, patrol ships, and win grandmasters. Advertisers have also found useful use for new technologies!

On the sidelines of marketers, rumors don’t subside: artificial intelligence is preparing a large-scale revolution in the marketing industry.
“I'll help you in any way I can”: terminators in advertising
The trained network can recognize voices, create images, banners, and videos & automate business processes. This is a real elder wand, like Harry Potter, for ads & promotion.

AI in targeted advertising helps:

  • Identify the best channels for promotion;
  • Speed up the process of content creation;
  • Improve the conversion of the site;
  • Reduce advertising costs;
  • Connect consumers with the right products and messages.
Text Creative Generation
Almost every network user managed to get acquainted with the self-learning chatbot ChatGPT and generate the text. A full-fledged technology advisor creates meaningful letters, descriptions, surveys, and presentations. It’s enough for the chatbot to formulate the request accurately for the desired result. They successfully work with it:

  • Copywriters – checking, optimizing, and adapting content to the Tone of Voice
  • SEO specialists – from collecting key queries to compiling meta tags
  • Targetologists – generating ads, creating an advertising strategy, and assisting in targeting and retargeting.

AI also brings to mind the Landing Page, prepares a content plan, and designs articles, blogs, and a list for them based on the initial data.
Unique images – Text-to-Image
Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, or Midjourney networks that generate images work with a similar algorithm. The audience has developed banner blindness to stock photos over the past few years. AI programs come to the rescue with unique graphic content and new designs for given phrases. This approach significantly saves time for the birth and implementation of the idea. [DALL-E] [Stable Diffusion], [Midjourney]

Advertising is taking the first steps in the use of neural networks. For example, the Rehab blog in December 2022 published a 2-minute promotional video fully generated by AI. The text is from GPT-3, the images are from Midjourney, and the sound effects are from Soundraw.
Stable Diffusion
AI analytics
Neural networks have learned to collect and analyze huge amounts of information by 2023. They determine exactly how efficiently the company works, even form criteria, and choose alternatives for decision-making. The AIs of Yandex, Google, Facebook, and other platforms have learned to analyze user behavior and offer potentially interesting and useful content for him.

The top tools for analytics of ads campaigns include Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Roistat, and PrimeGate. Their task is to bring sales and marketing data into a single system, track user sessions, and analyze the effectiveness of several advertising channels.
Recommender systems
Better than any pro, neural networks determine the appropriate content for each user, improving their experience and increasing the likelihood of sales.

Recommendation systems are actively used in e-commerce: online stores advise customers on relevant products, offer complementary products, and find analogs. Similar algorithms are used by retailers Amazon, Ozon, or Wildberries.
NLP is a new assistant in the office
NLP is gaining popularity. Natural language processing technology helps the machine to "understand" human language and promote products and services.

It quickly analyzes comments, processes text queries, and optimizes data for search engines. The best programming language for NLP is Python. For example, Yahoo and Google use it to filter and group emails. Alexa and Siri — Perform voice commands.
Three more important tools
Neural networks can also collect and analyze large amounts of data about users, and complex solutions for digital advertising help them in this.

For example, MarcoPolo AI is a cross-channel SaaS advertising platform for automating PPC campaign processes on Facebook, Google, and Instagram (audience retargeting, content planning and publishing, control overreach, engagement, and conversion). The Slidebean website will offer a presentation for startups, and Octane AI will be needed for chatbots, tests, and Facebook Messenger surveys. It will help retailers develop individual flows and increase sales.
Adopt the latest AI trends
Using neural networks in digital marketing increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and brand interaction with the audience. Artificial intelligence tools are being improved every day, becoming useful and irreplaceable.

But before you launch AI into your business, research your audience! Only then will it be possible to effectively realize all its advantages.
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