How we helped a client sell $894,535 worth of merchandise

Client: American company selling products in the USA, CA, and MX.

Vertical: E-commerce (dietary supplements)

Product: High-demand products to improve health

Specifications and features: Customer store on Shopify platform

Scale of business: Total sales by product in 2022 reached $1.8 million

Ad Performance metrics: Price per conversion (CPA), number of conversions, click-through rates (CTR), impressions, add to cart, and checkout prices were used to analyze the effectiveness of the ad campaign

Platform: TikTok

Goals: The client aimed to increase sales, reduce the cost per target action, and achieve a specific KPI (CPA = $30). To achieve this, our team devised a strategy and diligently implemented it.
Stages of work
1. Pre-moderation of all advertising materials to comply with TikTok's policies.

2. Development of the advertising campaign launch strategy.

3. Testing different approaches and promotion methods - 1 month, budget: $3,000.

4. Strategy refinement based on test analysis.

5. Launch of confirmed approaches.

6. Continual testing to explore new optimisation approaches and target audiences

We formulated a promotion strategy for advertising on TikTok, developed a pool of creatives for each product (1 product = 5 creatives, a total of 30 products), tested the creatives across three GEOs (U.S., Canada, Mexico), identified the most effective approaches, and subsequently launched campaigns for each product.
The launch proceeded as follows
  • We created a catalog and included all the store's products in it (as the store is hosted on Shopify, product uploading was automatic).

  • We initiated catalog campaigns with custom and automated creatives (from the website). This approach allowed us to showcase a maximum number of products at once, while the automated creatives adapted to display the most relevant content for the audience's queries.

  • We launched traffic campaigns to attract specific audiences, conversion campaigns to build audiences at each stage of the sales funnel and for retargeting purposes.
Complex whitelisting: Ensuring compliance for each page, modifying or removing medical branding, and finding converting creatives. This process demanded continuous effort and incurred varying costs at different stages.
Results for 6 months of work
  • CPA (conversion price) = $28, which is 7% lower than the target.
  • Increased customer return (LTV) by 17% through retargeting campaigns.
  • Sales increased by 23%.
  • Average ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for all offices = 1.67.
  • Together, we spent $535,650 in 6 months, including testing budget, and achieved $894,535 in product sales.
In conclusion
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