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«The Snapchat phenomenon and its audience»
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August 23, 2023

The snapchat phenomenon and its audience

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Have you considered Snapchat as your main ads platform? From the name it may seem that this is just a messenger for messaging, video & photos, but this is far from the case! There is no boring news feed, because text content is replaced by funny images with a unique set of filters & masks. The target audience of the project is diverse: from "boomers" to millennials.

Every day, about 5 billion images, gigabytes of selfies and photos of selfie pets are uploaded to the platform, calls are made and new features are explored. For example, now the "hype" snap card is a fresh feature that tracks the location of a friend in real time.
  • 12th place in the ranking — the social network was ahead of Telegram, Pinterest and Twitter;
  • 30 million daily active users;
  • < $4 billion in revenue for 2022 alone;
  • growth to 55 billion advertisers in the coming year.
Snapchat in numbers:
  • The largest share is in the U.S. (31%), India (11.5%), France (5.4%), Great Britain (10%);
  • It’s expected to exceed 500 million subscribers by 2025;
  • Among Snapchat users, 58% are men and 42% are women;
  • The most extensive age group is 18-24 years;
  • The 25+ audience has shown a 50% increase since 2021.
When considering your advertising campaign, do not underestimate this social network! Of course, it's tempting to stop at the classics: Facebook & Instagram, but we want to get the best result, don't we?

So, you've already decided to work with Snapchat. Then we suggest starting by studying the audience of the site:
Very soon we’ll prepare for you a long post about all the intricacies of working with the audience and advertising on Snapchat. Don't miss it!