Why are Facebook agency ad accounts better than self-registered ones?

Facebook solidly stays one of the most profitable sources of traffic today. In this article, we offer insights into how to interact with the traffic source and deal with potential difficulties when running ads.
Advertising accounts on FB: pay for the service or register yourself?
Do you want to promote a new collection of clothes or perfume, an online course, or talk about the intricacies of your business? Turn to Facebook, a true veteran of the market.
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«Should I register an account on my own, or is it better to use the services of an agency?» — the question immediately arises.

The choice will depend on many variables:
  • Business niche;
  • Needs of the business;
  • Volume of sales.

Of course, if your company's turnover is small, try to do everything yourself. But even then, there is a chance of pitfalls that will ruin your morning coffee.
What's the advantage of agency ad accounts?
What are agency ad accounts anyway? How effective are they in promoting your business? Where do you get them? Getting into advertising, you can't just brush these questions off.

In simple terms, these are advertising accounts with advanced functionality and features. The platform trusts them, so the work is more stable, and troubles happen less often. Advertisers put up with such an approach because the pros are also significant:

  • High trust — one verified account can create hundreds of BMs (Business Managers, with which it is possible to manage all the business pages, advertising, and accounts in one place. It also tracks statistics and gives access to partners and contractors);
  • There is no risk of losing all your savings because you can request a refund if you get banned. Good!
  • An extended list of GEOs — the ability to launch companies in different parts of the world is never superfluous;
  • Real-time analytics will allow you to quickly and efficiently analyze information about subscribers/ readers/ consumers regularly. It's they who determine the extent of effectiveness of a business.

However, when working through an intermediary (CPA networks or resellers), the business depends on its terms and conditions. Here you may encounter some unpleasant moments:

  • Inability to use promo codes;
  • Lack of support for offers, for example, from replicas of famous brands.
What are auto-registered and self-registered accounts for arbitrage?
The opportunities for promotion with self-registered accounts are more modest than with agency ad accounts. But their main advantage lies in the simplicity of registration. After all, you can create a self-registered account for FB on your own or buy it from a seller for a couple of bucks.

The ridiculous price makes most people sign up for this Facebook account without understanding the intricacies.
In these situations, it's all about quantity. Get banned? Hell, I'll buy more! In reality, they are middlemen:
  • They get crazy VAT bills in some countries;
  • There is a risk of losses, losing their balance when blocking an account without the possibility of being unbanned;
  • Suffer restrictions on GEO
Why is an agency ad account at an advantage?
The indisputable advantage of agency ad accounts is the loyalty of the site. In controversial situations, Facebook will be sympathetic to your issue.

However, the situation differs with self-registered accounts — stress will accompany you. You don't have to go far to get examples: those who place ads and redirect users to the advertiser's goods/ services get banned often for Policy or Risk Payment.

  • Policy compliance violations of the site's own advertising rules;
  • Community standards for fan pageswhen zero activity is questioned by the algorithms;
  • Creatives specs when non-unique creatives are uploaded;
  • Triggersn this case, the text and creative have a conflict with the FB appeals and elements (for example — «How to make money fast?» «Slim down for free in three days» etc.).

Similar restrictions may apply to gray goods and services, such as gambling, dating, adult websites, microcredit, etc. Even white niches may encounter challenges due to tightened moderation by the social network.

Therefore, if you're considering whether it's worth paying for an agency's ad account, our answer is a resounding yes! Effective advertising on Facebook without losing money or stress is about something other than self-registered accounts.
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