«5 traps of advertising campaigns: targeting and mobile traffic»

5 traps of advertising campaigns

April, 10 2024
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In the first part of this article we have already revealed several pitfalls of advertising campaigns.

In this part, we will continue to talk about them, share a special bonus and review tools to reduce costs and maintain audience quality and reach.
Targeting the wrong audience can seriously impact the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, resulting in unnecessary spending without the expected return on investment (ROI). We wrote about how to optimize your advertising campaign and improve ROI in our article.

If advertising messages do not reach the audience that is interested in a product or service, a large part of the budget is wasted. This is especially true in the digital realm, where point targeting allows you to send messages directly to potential consumers. Proper audience segmentation can increase brand profitability by 760%.
To successfully launch an advertising campaign, you need to take a comprehensive look at your target audience, including their interests, demographics, online behavior and preferences. This can be done by analyzing audience reports in Google Analytics 4 tool, where brands can find basic information about users, such as their interests, age and gender
The profitability of TikTok advertising, for example, depends on the target market, advertising goals, and market trends. As of now, approximately 78% of small businesses have already realized a positive ROI thanks to TikTok. 75% of them noticed a profit within the first six months.
«The number of mobile users is expected to reach 7.49 billion by 2025» — Statista
Adapting ad campaigns to mobile devices is a critical aspect of today's marketing strategy, as 55% of web traffic is driven by consumers using mobile devices to access information, social media and shopping online. As the reliance on the mobile web continues to grow, companies that optimize their campaigns for mobile devices can significantly improve user engagement, increase the visibility of their content and, as a result, increase conversion rates. To do this, they must:

  • improve ad load speed. Hubspot reports that the highest conversion rates are typically seen on sites with a maximum load speed of 2 seconds. To do this, it's important to optimize the weight of the creative itself. Tools on the Google Ad Manager platform are the most popular ad load speed testers.

  • use responsive design. It is important to explore all available creative resizes. In addition, try opening all creatives on your own smartphone and analyze whether all elements are visible and the design encourages you to click.


A Call to Action (CTA) is an integral part of any marketing communication as it has a direct impact on increasing conversions. The CTA serves as a guiding beacon for the user, indicating what action is expected of them after reading the marketing message, visiting the product page, or viewing the landing page. It should be concise, clear and motivating to encourage prospects to take immediate action.
5 Key Strategies for Call to Action Development
The art of crafting an effective call to action (CTA) is based on a number of guidelines that help create influential messages:
1. Emphasize not only the action, but also the benefits users will receive by following the call to action.
2. CTAs should clearly demonstrate the benefits users will receive after taking the specified action.
3. Add an element of urgency to the call to action by using phrases such as «offer limited», «act today», «only N seats left».
4. CTA words and phrases should be familiar to your target audience and part of their everyday vocabulary. Personalized CTAs increase conversion rates by 202% over generic CTAs.
5. Highlight the importance of the offer by using powerful, evocative words and phrases like «free», «discount», «last chance», and «exclusive access».
HubSpot's web application lets you select, customize, and optimize personalized calls to action for web pages, email subscriptions, and other projects.
  • «Get started for free» — motivates users to respond by offering something of value without charging for it here and now.
Examples of effective calls to action
  • «Get the Guide and Start Planning» — uses a sense of exclusivity and ownership to encourage participation.
  • «Sign in to save 10% or more» — shows the benefits a customer will receive after signing in.
Each of these examples demonstrates how a CTA can be the deciding factor in a user's decision to take action, thereby increasing conversion rates and contributing to business goals.


One of the key aspects of successfully optimizing campaign spend without compromising audience quality and reach is the skillful use of audience segmentation and improving the relevance of advertising messages. In the age of data and powerful analytics tools, marketers have the opportunity to take a deep dive into understanding their audience, identifying not only preferences but also behavioral patterns.
Keitaro Tracker is a powerful analytics tool for affiliates and marketers. With Keitaro, you can track conversions, evaluate traffic quality and analyze the behavior of your target audience at different stages of the sales funnel.
Keitaro Tracker Advanced Tool
Its key features are:

  • unlimited domain linking to various campaigns.
  • the capability to intercept and filter every click parameter originating from traffic sources.
  • facilitating the exchange of server-to-server (S2S) postbacks.
  • an extensive array of filters and funnel configurations to eliminate bots and unsuitable traffic.
  • real-time A/B testing that allows for the dynamic use of different landing pages and offers within a single campaign to optimize performance.
  • the creation of local landing pages to reduce the number of redirects.
  • Keitaro GeoDB.
  • IPv6 support.
Keitaro offers 500+ templates for affiliate networks and ad sources, as well as data protection and detailed reports for in-depth analysis. Includes extensive documentation, guides and support to resolve any issues.

To make working with the tool even more enjoyable, take advantage of an exclusive 20% discount by using the first purchase promo code adskill20 for the Keitaro Tracker.


Understanding your target audience, choosing the right traffic source, tools and constant monitoring of effectiveness are key elements that will help minimize costs and avoid common mistakes.
Contact us to find the best traffic source, advertising account and target audience for your campaign.