«Creative advertising. Masterclass from legendary brands. Part 2»

Сreative advertising

January 30, 2024
Masterclass from legendary brands
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Good creative advertising is a synergy of several important elements: relevance, emotion, and visual metaphors. However, to keep up with modern standards in the creative field and not remain at the level of advertising of the past decades, it’s important to follow modern trends and adapt to them in time. AI technologies are helping big brands do this by expanding their marketing options, and short vertical videos in Reels and TikTok are becoming the basis for many advertising campaigns.
The 5 most important creative trends in advertising: are interactive formats, personalization, VR, and more...
With the advancement of technology and online platforms, advertising has begun to penetrate social media and publish as contextual ads, and short videos to reach target audiences. What's trending?
1. Interactive formats
Surveys, videos, gaming apps, and content where the audience can influence the development of the story or the outcome of events. For example, Starbucks, with 18 million followers on Instagram, uses polls in Stories to engage with its audience and gather product statistics.
2. Video content continues to hold consumers' attention.
Short videos continue to win the hearts of users!

The Les Mills brand, for example, creates vertical videos to increase registrations for its Les Mills+ app from the fitness category. "Exercise shorts" fit perfectly into the brand's format.
3. Personalizing content to the individual preferences and needs of the consumer.
It is created based on their behavior, context, and demographics. For example, such a video would be shown to users if they frequently "google" travel content.
4. Creative with micro and nano-influencers.
The solution provides more authentic recommendations, reaching a narrow but loyal audience.

For example, Joybird, collaborated with @ChrissaSparkles (renowned Influencer, artist, designer, and Pilates instructor) to promote the Barbie Dreamhouse™ furniture collection on Instagram.
5. Gamification is a marketing trend involving game elements (quizzes, quests, raffles, and competitions). It increases consumer motivation and loyalty to a brand or product.

For example, Magnum developed a creative campaign for the launch of the Magnum Temptation ice cream brand. With the support of Citrine and YouTube, the brand created a digital online game, a la Super Mario. Users receive a Magnum Temptation bar as a prize for participating.
Advertising has become more interactive with the development of new technologies and media platforms. They allow viewers to interact with them by clicking on ads, scrolling through content or participating in embedded games. Modern formats are more precisely tailored to each user's specific interests and preferences.
Case studies. The 5 best examples from creatives: what to be inspired by?
The process of creating a creative product requires careful study of the brand, its goals and values, and an understanding of how to work with the audience. Consider the experience of brands:
1. Nike with its "Just Do It" advertising campaign from 1988. Its slogan became legendary and directly associated with the brand, a symbol of motivation and inspiration.

Famous athletes took part in the promotion: soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, and athlete Usain Bolt. Dynamic and inspiring with stories, the ads had strong imagery.
2. The "Share a Coke" campaign by Coca-Cola aimed to create a personalized interaction with consumers. The creative was based on personalization: people's names were printed on the labels, encouraging them to buy the product and share the drink with friends and family.
3. Apple enlisted Burberry directors to create an AirPods promo and a gravity-defying heroine. This escapist video is a cover of Tkai Maidza's cover of the hit song from the 80s and effectively feeds the imagination of consumers.
4. An ad campaign for "The Force", a Volkswagen brand, with a child in a Darth Vader costume demonstrated the full "power" of driving a German brand car.

The viral hit received a positive response for its humorous and original idea.
5. The Real Beauty Sketches by Dove campaign tapped into the emotions of the public and raised questions about the perception of one's beauty. In the story, the artist drew portraits of women based solely on their descriptions of themselves and other people.

A great emotional message, combined with a touching narrative that appeals to the senses, becomes fixed in the memory and connects the emotion with the brand.
The campaigns above are a great example of how you "should". Their ads don't try to push anything but are informative and interesting even as a standalone product.
Strong connections: how does an advertising message influence the target audience?
Thanks to original approaches, companies attract attention and evoke emotions in consumers: joy, shock, nostalgia, and hope. Marketers are ready to create an emotional connection through stories, humor, dramatic situations, or emotionally charged images.

It’s already obvious that all derivatives of advertising become a powerful tool for influencing people's behavior. Their effect can vary depending on the target group, message, and context in which they are received. What effect do all these factors have?

  1. Increased attention. By drawing people's attention to a product, service, or idea, advertising raises awareness and influences decision-making.
  2. Provision of information. This means highlighting the benefits of a particular product or service, which can encourage people to try it.
  3. Forming attitudes. Creating a positive or negative association with a brand and influencing people's feelings and willingness to interact.
  4. Creation of desire. Advertising can create a desire for a product. The message must be convincing and motivate people to buy.
  5. Influencing social norms by portraying certain behaviors of the audience, thereby increasing or decreasing the Overton window.
Take the risk of creating something new, unforgettable, and creative!
Today, the most creative ideas go viral and spread on social media with cosmic speed. This leads to additional organic advertising and better reach. This allows you to highlight your strengths and poke fun at your competitors.

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