«Developing a Keen Eye: Observational Skill»
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September 04, 2023

Developing a Keen Eye: Observational Skill

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Have you ever observed individuals who pay close attention to detail? Some refer to them as perfectionists, while others call them boring people. Regularly scrolling through news feeds or social media is more than procrastination — it's a valuable mindfulness practice. This habit has proven beneficial for photographers, web designers, marketers, and social media managers.

Let's explore what this practice entails, why it's worth cultivating, and effective strategies for honing the observational skill.
Observational in Fostering Creativity
Mindfulness holds great significance for individuals working in the creative industry. Devoting just 15-20 minutes daily to this practice is akin to listening to an entire Ramones album, taking a coffee break, or engaging in morning yoga.

Mindfulness is a soft skill, much like critical thinking, creativity, and successful negotiation. It can be encapsulated in five key statements:
  • It’s a visual experience that helps to separate the good from the bad;
  • It's a taste that is instilled through viewing & analyzing quality content (images, photos, videos, motion);
  • It’s the ability to understand trends, stylization and the right combinations for designers;
  • It's case studies and articles for copywriters, marketers, PR specialists;
  • This is learning personal experience from speakers at conferences and meetups.
Expand Your Vision and Unleash Your Potential
Envision a world where individuals like yourself shape trends! The more photographs and online publications you observe, the deeper your understanding of current trends becomes, empowering you to create yours. With your accumulated experience, it becomes easier to discard subpar shots, curate a collection of aesthetically fitting images, and breathe life into them.

Sharpening the Skill of Observation:
The more frequently we examine exceptional work, the better we comprehend its distinction from subpar work. This understanding doesn't occur instantaneously but rather develops subconsciously over time.

Practicing mindfulness and observation involves:

1. Visual orientation. Make a habit of monitoring trends daily and exploring references on thematic websites;
2. Inspiration from successful solutions. Draw every fresh idea from an old one, but never stoop to "plagiarism";
3. Learn from mistakes. Look past a weak interface, failed advertisement, or poor presentation, which also contribute to the visual experience and teach you what not to do;
4. Creating a mood board. Collect inspirational materials in one place, such as illustrations, headlines, quotes, and websites;
5. Analyze what you see. Refuse to scroll through social media mindlessly. Instead, ask yourself questions: "What is the appeal of this project?", "What associations does it evoke?", "What techniques can be adopted?"

Incorporating these practices can cultivate a keen eye for detail and enhance your creative abilities.
Where to Gain Observational Skill?
Dribbble, Behance, and Awwwards are ideal resources for increasing your observation level. There is a vast collection of relevant content related to digital products. In addition, pumping up the skill can be done with:
  • Social media blogs
Subscribe to reputable branding agencies, topical blogs, influencers, and media outlets that share interesting content.
Memes and viral content
In today's online environment, memes and viral content have proven effective in attracting a large audience. Utilize them as tools for promotion, increasing engagement, and gaining recognition.
  • Theme sites like Pinterest and Behance
These platforms make it effortless to discover references for your projects through a vast array of images.
  • Personal experiences
Creativity often stems from ordinary conversations, memories, landscapes, and unfamiliar faces. Pay attention to the little details and jot them down in your planner for future projects.
  • Educational courses
Attending lectures on diverse topics, such as thirteenth-century history or web design techniques, can spark new thoughts and insights. Additionally, understanding the structure and organization of these courses can be valuable for developing products, brands, or even creating yours.
Learning and Observational: The Link & Results
When it comes to gaining insight, it's crucial to go beyond simply browsing content and instead systematically and consistently gather information and analyze it. The more time dedicated to this activity, the more experience is acquired.

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