«Facebook's Timlead at AdSkill on the causes of blocking on Facebook»
November 15, 2023
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Reasons for ad blocks on Facebook

Interview with
an expert from AdSkill
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Facebook remains the dominant force in the social media landscape, with a staggering 1.98 billion daily active users. But the platform's policies have become more stringent, resulting in an increasing number of users experiencing account blocks.

Let's find out with Facebook's AdSkill expert Daria Mkrtumian what advertisers are usually blocked for. We'll discuss ways to avoid getting banned to save nerves, time and money.
Daria, what problems do advertisers most often face at the start? How do you overcome them?
— The main problem advertisers face is an incorrectly filled out page with the advertised offer. While in the past it was possible to run ads from completely blank pages, today it is recommended to make the data in the Fan Page — Facebook business pages — as informative as possible. Especially do not neglect the section with contact information: data about the domain, company, products or services it provides. It is also important that advertising creatives fully correspond to the offer.
How important is Facebook page activity?
— Whether you are targeting your business website, Instagram or anywhere else, it is important to keep your business page active, thus showing that your company is real and working.

If a business page in an advertising account is poorly populated or inactive (no posts, followers, recommendations, likes), Facebook can block or deactivate the page on its own. It’s also important that this activity is organic. This means that you should avoid services for scoring likes and followers, Facebook recognizes them very quickly.
What are Facebook's algorithms 100% responsive to and what are the implications for the advertiser?
— The consequences for the advertiser in case of violations are always the same: in the worst case it is the blocking of the advertising account (and even the business manager), and in the best case it’s permanent rejection of your ads.

We can distinguish 3 types of problems that inexperienced advertisers face: violation of the site's Policy, bypassing the site's security system and difficulties with linking the payment method in the advertising account.

Unfortunately, many users forget that the new Facebook rules prohibit the use of multiple business pages in one advertising account. Advertisers inertially launch ads from several pages in one advertising account, but the site's algorithm recognizes these actions and, as a result, blocks the account.

For inexperienced users, Facebook's extensive list of rules is like an endless reference book, whose algorithms and policies are constantly being updated. What worked before may not work now and vice versa. For example, one of the most common reasons for being blocked in an advertising account is the promise of earning money in creatives. This is directly prohibited by Facebook's rules, but many people simply do not have time to familiarize themselves with the entire list and make this common mistake.
Should you experiment with ad creatives, or does Facebook notice everything?
— Of course you should! Only by trial and error can you get a really high-quality result. For example, one of the triggers for the security system will be the use of a non-clickable button in the creative itself. And although its successful design creates an impression of realism, encouraging the user to take some action, such materials are blocked by Facebook. The platform recognizes them as a "security bypass", just like placing a link in the text of the creative. I strongly recommend avoiding this!
Can the offer itself cause bans and blocking?
— Yes, there is such a possibility! For example, there are niches that are forbidden to advertise on the site, but unscrupulous advertisers keep looking for ways to get around this ban. They often pass off such offers for others allowed to advertise on Facebook. In particular, this is the sin of many arbitrage teams, trying to earn as much as possible at the peak of popularity of this or that offer. This is mainly true for betting, gambling, and cryptocurrency related offers.
Can user complaints provoke an account lockout?
— Absolutely! Users can get tired of intrusive advertising at any moment. The main mistakes of advertisers are unsuccessful creativity and frequent targeting of narrow audiences. Users may find the ads fraudulent or offensive, and then click on the «Complain» button. In this case, Facebook blocks the advertising account and limits all your advertising activities.
If a page is blocked, can a new one be created?
— Yes, you can, but there is a nuance. If Facebook has blocked a page, the advertiser can create a new one, different from the previous one. The «one-to-one» version will also be blocked by FB. Try to create a page with a different name, images and posts to avoid being blocked again.
Daria, earlier you said that one of the main difficulties a newcomer may encounter is the problem with the payment method in an advertising account. Could you tell us more about this?
— Yes, of course! Recently, advertisers often face this problem, because Facebook has significantly tightened the rules in this direction! It’s suspicious for the platform if the country that issued the card is different from the country to which the advertising account or business manager belongs. It is also possible to get into the block because of the lack of money on the account, which the site was not able to write off for advertising already shown.
I'll reveal a small but very important insider that not everyone knows about yet. Facebook's rules don’t state that advertisers cannot use virtual cards. However, based on personal experience, as well as communication with colleagues from Facebook, we can conclude that these cards aren’t accepted for payment for advertising. And even if you manage to link it as a payment method, it will most likely not be possible to debit it.
Is there a one-stop solution for beginners and professional advertisers to overcome Facebook blockers?
— Of course there is! Cooperation with the AdSkill advertising agency will save you from problems with account blocking and prevent a number of mistakes in the promotion process. We’re a certified Meta partner and have agency unlimited accounts for your fast and efficient scaling. A whole staff of technical experts helps with the launch of advertising campaigns, their setup and optimization. The moderation department, in particular, checks the client's creatives for compliance with the rules and policies of the Facebook platform, and ensures compliance with security requirements.

In addition, AdSkill experts will be helpful in payment issues thanks to their own credit line. Request account replenishment at a convenient time for you, and they will promptly process the request. Now all problems with blocking, stopping ads on FB fall on our shoulders. Maximize the effectiveness of your ads on Facebook, minimizing the risk of blocking. Increase your visibility better than your competitors!