«Global App Bundle Placement: A New Solution for Effective Traffic Generation»
July 14, 2023

A New Solution for Effective Traffic Generation

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TikTok has become a household name, setting trends and offering unique opportunities for creative expression and successful promotion of goods and services. With its reputation as a vibrant social network and a convenient commercial platform, TikTok continues to attract new brand pages and advertising integrations on a daily basis. One such recent development is the emergence of the Global App Bundle placement within TikTok Ads. In this article, we will explore the mechanics of working with this placement, familiarize ourselves with its associated apps, and highlight its key advantages.
Short videos have captivated the attention of one-third of social media users today, making TikTok the most downloaded app worldwide, with a staggering 3 billion downloads. The platform's impressive statistics include:
  • <1 billion monthly active users;
  • 140.6 million accounts from the US;
  • 90 minutes per day - average time spent on the platform;
  • 39.9% is a young audience aged 18-24;
  • $43.5 billion - platform valuation in 2023;
  • <$8 billion - TikTok's total historical earnings.
TikTok's Advertising Dominance
TikTok is the most downloaded app in the App Store over the past year. Not surprisingly, this leads to new integrated traffic solutions. One of these has become the Global App Bundle, but let's go in order.
Introduction to the Global App Bundle Placement and Its Applications
Advertisers are constantly seeking new avenues to reach audiences, even if they already have ongoing campaigns on TikTok. The Global App Bundle placement offers a fresh traffic management solution by placing ads in popular apps like CapCut and Fizzo, ensuring that each ad airs exclusively in the top ad slots. Let's take a closer look at these associated apps.

That's Global App Bundle, a fresh traffic management solution. The tool places ads in the popular CapCut and Fizzo apps and controls that each ad only airs in the top ad slots. For example, ads in a video can run before playback starts (Pre-roll), in the middle of the video (Mid-roll), on top of the video (Over-roll), and so on.
CapCut, developed by Chinese IT company Bytedance, is a feature-rich app with over 140 billion downloads. It allows users to create and edit videos using their smartphones, catering to both professional editing needs and amateur videography. CapCut's built-in video templates simplify content creation and seamless sharing across TikTok and other social networks, making it an ideal platform to engage a wide young audience
Fizzo is an Indonesian mobile app designed for avid bookworms. With a rich collection of novels and short stories enjoyed by readers worldwide, Fizzo has garnered a predominantly female audience. In fact, it has achieved the highest number of downloads in the reading apps category on Google Play in Indonesia.
The Global App Bundle placement offers enticing advantages for advertisers already familiar with TikTok Ads Manager and the platform. It provides:
  1. Access to various targeting options, bid assignment, and campaign optimization tools within TikTok Ads Manager.
  2. Simplified integration with existing ad groups.
  3. Expanded reach to potential customers through other popular apps.
  4. Access to high conversion rates, excellent performance, and overall promotion success.
TikTok is the most downloaded app in the App Store over the past year. Not surprisingly, this leads to new integrated traffic solutions. One of these has become the Global App Bundle, but let's go in order.
The Global App Bundle placement determines the format of the ads and where they will be shown.
  • App Open Ads
Designed to monetize the mobile app download process, App Open Ads are broadcast when users open or switch back to your app. These ads seamlessly integrate into the app's interface, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • In-Feed Ads
In-Feed Ads are native video ads that appear in the recommendations feed, occupying the entire screen. TikTok users actively engage with this format, liking, commenting, and transitioning between videos. Recognizable by their placement within the feed alongside the site's main content, these native ads typically last 5 to 60 seconds and provide comprehensive metrics such as impressions, clicks, and video views.
  • Banner ads
Banner ads offer an effective online promotional method within CapCut. They are pop-up images that appear when users log into the application. These banners can consist of static images displayed for up to 3 seconds or videos and GIFs lasting up to 5 seconds, providing ample opportunities for creative advertising concepts.
The main function of all formats is to inform, engage the audience, persuade and induce a buying decision.
The Global App Bundle placement is particularly suitable for advertisers targeting an audience within the same age range as TikTok's primary demographic, namely 18-24-year-olds, who represent nearly 40% of the user base. It is recommended to promote products or services with broad demand, aesthetic goods, and gift sets, while luxury products may find better platforms elsewhere.

Advertisers are encouraged to seek assistance from AdSkill experts to quickly understand the principles and mechanics of the Global App Bundle, gain access to advanced optimization features, and receive 24/7 campaign support. By embracing this new placement, advertisers can gain an advantage and outperform their competitors.