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August 30, 2023

Google Ads: source overview

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The choice of platforms for promotion should be approached with a cool head, in the case of Google Ads - and with a wide pocket. The service provides all the most basic tools: professional promotion of advertising content, comprehensive analytics and many helpful marketing tools to grow targeted traffic.

Let's learn more about what opportunities Google Ads opens up for advertisers and what is unique about it that other contextual advertising services don't have.
It's no secret that most internet users use Google to search for information. This dramatically increases the reach of the audience and attracts more advertisers. The system accumulates much information about user behavior, search trends, and consumer preferences. Today, Google is:
  • 90% of the global search engine market share
  • 89.3 billion visits per month
  • 8.5 billion searches per day
  • <50% of queries on Google require clicks
  • 80% of companies trust paid Google Ads
  • <279.8$ billion in Google segment revenue in 2022
The statistics you are aiming for
Today, Google has managed to amass over 4.3 billion users worldwide. Together with Meta, it accounts for ~50% of digital ad spend, and 60% of smartphone users connect with businesses through search daily. 80.2% of revenue in 2022 was generated by advertising on Google & YouTube. All of this is a testament to the company's sustained success.
How does Google Ads work?
Google Ads provides effective promotion of products, services and brands. It precisely manages the budget and measures the results of advertising campaigns, offering a hyperlocal targeting function and many useful tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager) to analyze data and increase ROI.

Google Ads works with contextual ads, attracting twice as many visitors as SEO. This method is often used by established companies that may have reached their organic peak. For them, Google Ads becomes a worthwhile investment for rapid growth & traffic attraction.

The principle of operation is simple: the user enters a query, according to which the search engine generates a list of relevant pages. Along with regular web pages, advertisements are also shown in the output.
Unique Features of Google Ads
1. Convenient split-testing of ads by default. In Google AdWords, several ads are created when setting up an advertising campaign. The system automatically selects conversion ads from them and evenly alternates their display for 90 days.
2. Gmail ads. Google Ads has the option to show ads in Gmail right in the mail. Such an ad looks like a regular email but is labeled "advertisement". An attractive banner brings additional conversion.
3. Selecting narrow geotargeting. This function is almost nowhere else. You can even set a street in a specific city with a radius of 500-2000 meters. Advertisers' ads are shown only to those who are in the designated zone or type the street name into the search.
4. Banner advertising on YouTube. It's suitable for advertising on one-page pages due to cheap traffic & little competition.
5. Call Only Ads. This unique feature shows statistics on calls and helps answer users' questions, turning them into potential buyers.
6. Advertising to a competitor's audience. Something new in the promotion market. Google AdWords has such an option you can set it up in the "Interests and remarketing" tab. The more sites are labeled with the same products as yours, the more accurately Google determines the group for targeting.
Google Ads has weaknesses in its performance that cannot be ignored:
  • High competition in some markets leads to high cost-per-click and higher budgets for advertisers
  • Inability to view hidden keywords which Google recommends shows
  • The number of clicks does not always guarantee conversions. Their minimum cost in Google Ads is $0.01.
Weaknesses and strengths
On the other hand, Google Ads has a lot of advantages. It allows you to show your ads only to users already interested in a product or service. It's pretty easy to control your budget, customize and track your advertising campaign, and use analytics tools. Other advantages of promotion with Google Ads include:
  • Auto-detection of search phrases;
  • Ability to limit the location of the target audience to a certain city or even a street;
  • User-friendly interface, advanced functions;
  • The charge for clicks instead of impressions;
  • Opportunities for analytics (how many people viewed the ad and how many were interested in it, what part of the target action on the site, etc.)
What to attract users with?
Another advantage of Google Ads has been the variety of its formats, which include:
  • Search Ads. They appear in the Google search box responding to a user's query. Text, text-graphic, and banner ads are suitable for those for whose goods there is a formed demand of the audience.
  • Product listing ads. They're set up through Google Merchant Center. Information about goods with photos & links to the site is placed in the account of this service (piece by piece or in a file with a list of all the characteristics - feed). Such advertising is placed on top or to the right of the search results or in Google Shopping.
  • Remarketing. It's aimed at users who have visited the site but did not buy anything. Remarketing as if "catches up" with a potential buyer and attracts him to the site again.
  • Contextual Media Ads. This format allows advertisers to show their ads on the pages of Google's partner sites. These sources include media outlets, news aggregators, and video hosting sites (including YouTube). Media ads help reach a wider audience than search advertising alone.
A Successful Start For Promotion
The main advantages of using the Google Ads advertising platform in 2023 are its scale and user engagement. With this baggage, many campaigns will achieve maximum results in attracting new customers, increasing sales and brand awareness. Google Ads has many tools for optimization, as well as new features for simplified customer experience. All that remains is to make sense of them.

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