«How Creatives Increase CTR — 13 Lifehacks»
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August 25, 2023

How Creatives Increase CTR — 13 Lifehacks

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Picture a scenario where a business could potentially "fail" due a single poor image or video. To prevent such situations, we emphasize the importance of captivating visual ads. Effective creative content not only enhances conversion rates but also improves click-through rates (CTR) and consistently attracts new customers.

In order to achieve the desired level of engagement and maximize clickability, it is essential to invest effort into creating compelling creatives. Now, let's delve into the concept of CTR and explore whether there are universal principles to boost its performance.
Clicks hold greater significance for businesses compared to mere views from casual observers. To determine the effectiveness of a Facebook banner, TikTok video, or app ad, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) serves as a valuable metric. CTR represents the percentage ratio of the number of clicks on an ad to the number of times it is displayed.

Increasing CTR leads to a higher ad position and a decrease in the cost per click. What is the purpose of CTR, you may ask?

  • Attracting traffic and audience
  • Maximizing budget savings and improving the return on investment for products/services
  • Enhancing the frequency of displaying ads with high CTR on various platforms

Good creative content benefits everyone involved: users are more inclined to click on it, thereby increasing CTR. Simultaneously, advertisers experience a decrease in the average cost per click (CPC) for the ads.
For advertising campaigns targeting a broad audience, a commendable CTR is considered to be around 2%, while for moderately competitive markets, an average CTR of 4% is desirable. However, if you have a narrow target audience, a CTR below 5% is considered normal.
CTR Potential
Increasing Clickability — A Guide To Creatives
CTR is relevant where advertising is set up on PPC or pay-per-click. What does the clickability rate depend on?

  • The content of the ad — headline, picture or video, graphics, mechanisms of their execution
  • Audience profile settings — their interests & parameters

Remember that video creative will interest the user much more and increase CTR than a simple picture. To not rack your brains, we've gathered the best marketing ideas on how to get the most out of advertising content & video creatives.
1.Large Combo
A special formula for an advertisement increases CTR well: promotion or discount + trigger (for example, a button indicating a bonus) + CTA call to action.
2. Trigger Buttons
A button with an effective call to action and instant installation of an app in the App Store or Google Play is memorized and used by people. In video ads, it’s added at the beginning or end of the video, on a picture — anywhere.
3. Question Passage
Use questions in your creatives because it's a great trick for a potential buyer. To increase CTR, it’s important to interest, intrigue him as much as possible. And then he will tell you — "Yes!"
4.Everything Is Relative
An effective way to show the value of your product is to take and compare the results of "before"/"after" its use.

5.Fake chats
Imitation of correspondence in social networks is also a kind of creativity! Today, anything can be faked online, even a correspondence with Ilon Musk asking for money or advice. It can be framed through the code of page elements, dialog with your fake account. This technique is especially popular among gambling affiliates.

6.Animated Videos
Businesses utilize both 2D and 3D animation to create visually striking content. These types of videos have a high-quality appearance, giving them an expensive and professional look. As a result, they capture 30% more attention compared to standard videos

7.Shoppable Video
Use the content with a direct purchase option or Shoppable Video that shortens the steps from a "watched" action to a "bought" action. This format improves conversion & user experience. Videos include interactive product links and help viewers make an instant purchase.
8. Personalized Content
User-generated content is almost 10 times more effective than ads from bloggers & celebrities. These creatives help potential consumers better understand and experience the product through the experiences of others.
9. Provide Facts
Users tend to trust accurate numbers and facts. This peculiarity can be used in creatives to attract customers. It's enough to convert their benefit into a percentage, and demonstrate charts, graphs and infographics to surely interest a potential buyer.
10. Imitation social media posts
UGC or User Generated Content is any content that is created, published & sent by a brand's audience. It includes user activity in the form of comments, reviews, stories, and so on.
11. Lootboxes
These rewards are distributed as part of promotions that take place outside of the game, such as for watching streaming broadcasts or videos. These types of incentives are particularly popular in mobile apps and games. They often prompt players to make direct purchases of loot boxes, typically using real money. However, there are still games where loot boxes can be acquired using in-game currency.
12. Mislides in ads
Mislides are advertising creatives that enhance the positive features of a product. They grab the attention of potential customers and greatly increase click-through rates (CTR). The "trick" of mislides involves showcasing non-existent plushies that "bite" the potential buyer. This technique is employed across various industries and verticals.
13. Imitation of news
The technique of imitating news works well in creatives. Users react to hot news, so they’re unlikely to ignore such creatives in their feed.
Working Together
Engage your audience with captivating visuals! Experiment with new formats and approaches for your next promotional campaign!

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