«How to promote your business on LinkedIn»
March, 22 2024
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How to promote your business on LinkedIn

Strategies for business
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With 1 billion members worldwide, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for B2B companies and professionals. Most Fortune 500 bosses have pages on the network, so the power of LinkedIn goes beyond simple work connections.

Many individuals underestimate the potential of utilizing LinkedIn, instead focusing solely on popular platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Discover the untapped opportunities available on LinkedIn and learn effective strategies to enhance productivity and success on the platform.
The power of LinkedIn in numbers
Since its inception in 2003, the platform has evolved into an effective channel for marketers. The most popular person on LinkedIn is Bill Gates with 35.7 million followers, while the largest organization is Google with 32 million members.

The platform is available in 26 languages worldwide. Every month, it is visited by 1.6 billion people from 200 countries. Every second, 3 new users sign up and the average user spends more than 7 minutes on the platform.
The concept of the #LinkedInLife platform embodies the company's core ideals: a sense of belonging and flexibility in prioritization. It aims to connect professionals from around the world to make them productive and successful. — LinkedIn mission
80% of leads on the platform come from LinkedIn marketing efforts, and 94% of marketers consider it the best channel for content distribution. Advertising campaigns reach over 800 million users here, which represents a huge advertising opportunity:
  • Placing ads on LinkedIn Ads Display — sponsored content, text, or dynamic ads
  • Communicating with influential people61 million LinkedIn users actively maintain a page and 40 million hold leadership positions
  • Demonstrating the results of their work through short videos, carousels, or articles in LinkedIn Pulse
The benefits of LinkedIn for marketing
Marketing on the platform is nothing less than a strategic effort to build a brand identity, make meaningful connections, and reach an engaged audience of business professionals.
8 tips for creating a successful marketing strategy
LinkedIn members have twice the purchasing power of the average online audience. And at this scale, it's important to think about your marketing strategy on the platform.
1. Optimize your profile
LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more views and 36 times more messages, and the first 156 characters of a company description are statistically the most key. What else to look for when designing a profile?

  • The banner on the company page is a central brand message
  • The headline is your advertisement, which is only 220 characters (~50 words) long. Use relevant keywords, emphasize your value proposition, use numbers and call-to-action.

Try to reflect your business mission in your banner, as AdSkill does. It is not superfluous to showcase your biggest clients in your profile, as Loom does.
2. Get maximum response by leveraging your target audience data
Purchase a LinkedIn Premium subscription to gain access:

  • Sales Navigator — a tool to find leads based on industry, company size, and job title, monitor key events (job changes, profile updates), send personalized invitations, track analytics and reports
  • Sponsored messages (InMail) that can be sent to anyone in the community, including people who aren't connected to you (e.g. during recruiting sessions)

You shouldn't overlook regular polls on your page to update your target audience.
3. Surpass your competitors with creatives
Up to 9 billion pieces of content are published in the LinkedIn feed every week. Long posts are posted most frequently, short videos receive the most likes. What else do users respond to?
  • Polls — provide 40% more engagement than traditional posts
  • Carousels — a way to share a lot of content in a single post
  • Infographics — publications with them are more convincing and show the company's expertise
  • Promotional documents — allow you to share PDFs, slides, presentations, and other materials online
Stay active for half an hour before and after publishing content. This influences the platform's algorithm and leads to more impressions and engagement.
4. Increase influence on the site by communicating under publications
LinkedIn pages can be your biggest source of leads, so it's important to actively participate by sharing valuable content:

  • Writing in comments on related pages
  • Participate in discussions, answering questions, demonstrating expertise and competence
  • Establish contacts with potential clients and partners
  • Conduct webinars, masterclasses, and other educational events for subscribers
In 2023, LinkedIn introduced the Top Voice badge for members. To earn it, you must demonstrate your skills and expertise through the Add Your Perspective feature in your news feed and notifications. Having the Top Voice badge increases the visibility of your content on LinkedIn!
5. Highlight executive stories and customer testimonials
Reviews and personal recommendations on LinkedIn play a major role in trust in companies. 72% of customers trust companies that their managers speak positively about, and 88% of consumers listen to online reviews and personal recommendations.

Sephora, for example, often shares its knowledge and experience with its LinkedIn community by conducting interviews with key company employees.
6. Turn your successes into a powerful tool
Regular feed posts about your team's accomplishments help demonstrate experience, expertise, and credibility in the industry. What you should share with your audience:

  • Awards
  • Successful completion of projects
  • Positive mentions in the media
  • New partnerships
  • New product launches

For example, TestGorilla announced 1,000 positive reviews of its software on G2.
7. Greater reach with ads
As the platform has extensive targeting features, you can be sure that only ads for your relevant audience will be displayed. There are several types of ads:
  • Sponsored content. Labeled as "promoted" to differentiate from regular content. Ads are displayed on any device in the format of an image, video ad, carousel, event, document, or thought leader.
  • Dynamic ads. Personalized to speak directly to the target audience and display personal company information.
  • Text ads. The advertiser pays for each click on such ads.
8. Improve your marketing strategy with analytics tools
Analyzing the data on a company's LinkedIn page helps assess the level of audience engagement with posts, identify trends, and examine subscriber demographics. Effective tools for reviewing and tracking metrics include:

  • LinkedIn Sales Insights to monitor conversion rates
  • LinkedIn Analytics to track stats on posts: which ones crashed and which ones got feedback from the audience
  • Buffer for social media scheduling and basic analytics for platform pages
  • Mention for real-time social media tracking, analyzing mentions of a company on LinkedIn
  • Google Analytics to provide data on traffic coming from a network page.
Case studies of the platform's capabilities
Well-known companies have used LinkedIn's advertising formats effectively. What opportunities have they used?
1. As part of an ongoing initiative to showcase its corporate culture, Dropbox shares the stories of its employees on LinkedIn under the hashtag #LifeInsideDropbox. In this way, the company is trying to attract the attention of potential employees.
2. Adobe integrates research and infographics into its sponsored content to reinforce the company's reputation as an innovator and media leader.
3. Airbnb chose the carousel ad format on LinkedIn for its campaign during COVID-19. The images disseminated travel tips for guests and hosts to enhance the travel experience while addressing the nuances of safety during a pandemic.
4. Software development company LaunchDarkly placed a conversational ad on LinkedIn. In the private promotional message, the team offered to try a demo and receive a promo code for a discount.
5. Wix promotes its platform with videos featuring experts and useful content. This approach helps to attract new target groups and strengthen its market position.


LinkedIn is the social network of choice for C-level executives, managers, and influencers. To get the most out of LinkedIn, get your profile right, start communicating, get recommendations and endorsements, use pages, and create engaging content.

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