«How to unlock your facebook ad account in 2023»
December 15, 2023
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How to unlock your facebook ad account in 2023

Reviews of ad platforms
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Facebook is one of the leading advertising platforms with strict rules and requirements. It's therefore not surprising that advertisers are often blocked for various reasons: prohibited creative content, pages that haven't been warmed up, missing mandatory information or copyright infringements.

Let's find out why ad accounts are blocked, how to avoid ad blocking and what effective strategies can be applied to unblock Facebook ad accounts to minimize costs, save nerves and protect your company's reputation.
In 2022 alone, Meta earned more than $113M from ad sales, mainly attributable to Facebook and Instagram. However, the platforms' strict guidelines are increasingly leading to situations where an ad account can be permanently banned. The rules are updated regularly, and the criteria for reviewing them are becoming increasingly strict. So it pays to keep your finger on the pulse!

Ads are moderated automatically with the help of algorithms. As soon as a controversial situation arises, the system sends the ad to the technical support specialists for review. Only they can unblock the advertising account. The moderation process focuses on three parameters:
1. Account information — date of registration, GEO of the account holder, payment method and payment details;
2. Ad characteristics — type of product/service, quality of images, video and text and location of the ad;
3. Target page — relevance to the content of the ad, correct information and security of the connection.
How ads are moderated?
Source: Facebook

Account suspension will take effect if you violate the rules of an ad, account or websites associated with an ad. For example, if a Facebook ad account is blocked, you've probably used a fake name, tried to impersonate someone else, or systematically violated the community rules.
Facebook, a marketing veteran, has built up an impressive database of suspicious activity in its nearly 20 years of existence, from logging into an account from another country to the bad reputation of previous accounts. A ban from the site today comes immediately for:
  1. Logging into an advertising account from a "sanctioned country";
  2. Launching ads from a new, unheated page;
  3. Non-compliance with Meta standards;
  4. Promotion of prohibited goods;
  5. Low-quality creatives;
  6. Copyright infringement;
  7. Exceeding limits, a sharp increase in advertising costs;
  8. Spoofing of activity indicators;
  9. A large number of complaints;
  10. Use of banned scripts on the page.
10 Reasons to Block Ad Accounts
While on Instagram, you can receive a temporary, shadow or permanent ban, on Facebook, it is a ban on advertising activity and a ban on an advertising campaign, blocking a manager or a profile.
How to Unblock an Advertising Account

If you work with regular accounts, you will have to find out how to unblock your Facebook advertising account if it is blocked. The only option is to contact the support service with a properly drafted request letter. However, the chances of success when contacting support are generally low. The main reason thousands of advertising accounts are permanently blocked and funds frozen is the weak work of Facebook support. Meta has fewer moderators, and the number of rule breakers is growing. You can write for weeks, months, or even years until the support team reaches you.
How to avoid blocking in the future
To avoid losing money in the future due to blocking, turn to agency advertising accounts. Such trust profiles have more advanced functionality in comparison to regular ones. In case of any problems with them, you can always instantly withdraw money to another account without waiting for a response from the support team. In addition, AdSkill agent accounts on all advertising platforms have dedicated personal managers who solve client problems in hours.

Today, tired of bans and redirects, advertisers are turning to agency accounts to:

  • Save all your savings. When using agency accounts, the manager will help you quickly launch ads and explain how to avoid being blocked. Besides, if an account is blocked, you can always request a refund
  • Facilitate the management of advertising campaigns. Advertisers can manage several accounts at once, intelligently distribute budgets between them and reduce the risk of blocking one primary account
  • Get ongoing support and campaign monitoring. Because agency accounts have access to more resources and analytical marketing tools, advertisers get more functionality without having to warm up their account. In fact, it reduces the risk of blocking
  • Reach a wider audience without bans, objections or restrictions. With an agency account comes an expanded list of GEOs and the ability to launch in different locations
  • Get priority moderation even on complex topics or when promoting FinTech or gambling verticals that easily get banned. They moderate faster such campaigns than personal accounts
  • Demonstrate maximum trust. Cooperation with a partner agency increases trust by the advertising network and reduces the risk of account blocking. Now the advertiser has direct contact with representatives of the media platform. Facebook is usually more loyal to agency accounts and solves problems faster
  • Don’t pause the business. If an advertiser’s major account gets blocked or restricted, an agency account can be used to continue an ad campaign while waiting for the situation to be resolved

It turns out that those advertisers who choose agency accounts can safely focus on promoting. Instead of investing time and resources in developing advertising strategies on their own, they can take an integrated approach to advertising with an agency account — the only tool that isn’t afraid of Facebook’s bans and restrictions.

But to agency accounts, they won’t work for advertisers who are pouring over aggressive approaches or black verticals. Agencies won’t work with products that violate the platforms’ advertising policies.
  • Get agency advertising accounts with protection against blocking;
  • Receive a case study with reasons and recommendations on how to avoid blocking and in what other channels you can advertise your offer.
Complete the form and leave a request to:
"I'm in charge of network advertising for one of the largest online universities in the CIS, and the issue of account blocking was crucial for us. If our advertising account is blocked at the moment of active group recruitment, we incur financial losses that we can hardly imagine. Working with AdSkill's agency accounts is a certainty for us that the advertising conveyor belt won't stop", — Alexander, Head of Digital Marketing
If your Facebook business account is locked or you don't know how to unlock your Instagram account, it's not the end of the world. For many advertisers, agency accounts are the savior in a series of endless suspensions due to the platforms' loyalty, ability to refund all funds, extended GEO and other benefits. An agency account from the AdSkill team guarantees stability with Instagram and Facebook. Forget about blockages and choose a successful course for your promotion!