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Mintegral — effective advertising in apps

August 14, 2023
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Everyone talks about promoting on Facebook, TikTok, Bigo, but what about in-app advertising? It hides great opportunities for advertisers! Today, let's talk about Chinese inn-app network Mintegral, which uses an integrated approach and one-stop solutions to accelerate revenue growth for its clients.

Today, it delivers over 600 million impressions daily, integrates with <3000 mobile app developers worldwide.

Let's consider what its advantages and disadvantages are, whether it’s in demand among advertisers and with what formats it enters the market.

Outlook for inn-app traffic

Today, <5.4 billion people use smartphones. They spend most of their time playing games and apps, which increases in-app traffic. It shows a higher average CTR of 0.56% than the same web ad (CTR 0.23%) on mobile devices. It’s gaining popularity, and with it the demand for ad networks and placements is growing:

  • Mobile app ad traffic growth increased 3.1x from 2022
  • Managed in-app accounts for the majority of spend — almost 54% in 2023
  • Mobile users account for 65% of total internet users

Today, smartphones come equipped with a default set of more than ten pre-installed apps, while the number of downloaded apps can easily exceed a hundred. Each of these apps can serve as a potential source of traffic.
Mintegral, a premium advertising platform and in-app bid integrator, is entering the arena. Developers use Mintegral's free SDK or software development kit for Android and iOS to embed ads into their products. This requires only a few lines of code, so it significantly reduces development time and costs. The platform opens up access to the global demand for advertising:
  • 30+ integrated ad exchanges that reach over 1 million apps
  • 2900+ partner advertisers
  • 50,000+ apps in direct partnership
  • 10,000+ developers
  • 2.2 billion users in 240 countries
  • 1.2 billion impressions per day (Android — 320 million, iOS — 90 million impressions in CIS)

What Is Mintegral, And What Makes It Unique?

The platform was the first in the Chinese market to support programmatic header bidding technology in applications. When loading a website, it allows you to poll several connected DSP-platforms and select among them the offer with the maximum bid. With the DSP platform, advertisers manage accounts & ad exchange accounts through a single interface. The innovative approach helped them find the best buyer for each display with the lowest risk and highest ROI.
Mintegral has 3 main features:
  1. Unique AI algorithms and techniques for decision-making, audience selection & optimization at every stage of a campaign;
  2. Interactivity to create campaigns with the latest online ad technologies & the best advertising experience possible;
  3. Accurate programmatic buying based on a global user database and segmented targeting capabilities.
By 2021, Mintegral's revenue reached $224.7, thanks to <417 new publishers joining the company's base, an 8.22% increase from 2020. Today, the platform works with <5,200 publishers.


Mintegral enables you to attract quality leads and scale your campaigns with global traffic, effective creatives, and ad optimization algorithms. Its advantages include:

  • SSP format, which helps publishers sell ad space to a wide range of advertisers through automated auctions
  • Social traffic. Mintegral gets most of it from Facebook (42.14%), Pinterest (13.6%) and Linkedin (12.7%). Engaging audiences through Youtube can open up new opportunities.
  • Traffic volume. The service has a huge number of available GEOs and sites to pour into. Mintegral's audience includes 63.20% men and 36.80% women.
  • 100% uptake of creatives. In Mintegral you can invent absolutely any ideas & integrate them into creatives. The platform was partnered with mobile app company Markapp, who managed to create interactive end cards and in-game ads with Mintegal's support.


The platform helps maximize in-app ad revenue with advanced bidding technology. But there may be difficulties in working with it:

  1. Untargeted traffic. Ads for the 18+ audience may be shown in apps for children
  2. Inability to charge traffic by CPI from a standard account, although this model is considered the most profitable in-app. To get this feature, you need to ask your manager about it in the tutorial, but in fact this feature is disabled in the account. You’ll have to create an agent account
  3. Limited registration choices. In Mintegral there are only 2 options for buyers: registration on a pay-per-click model - CPC or pay-per-view model - CPM.

AdSkill team support will help to achieve CPI billing, easy creation of agency accounts & effective creatives.

Powerful Mintegral Creatives

The platform allows you to create, manage, and optimize ad creatives using Mindworks, an in-house creative studio. What ad formats are available?
  • Interactive advertising uses online media (social networks, videos, web banners). Users engage in and interact with ads.
  • Rewarded videos - this format involves "bonuses" for viewing. It can be coins, extra life, pumping the skills of the character in the game.
  • An interstitial video is an interactive page or pop-up window in an application. Its purpose is to elicit a response from users and encourage them to take a targeted action.
  • Native ads provide good engagement because their layout matches the design of the app. The user sees the ad integrated into the surrounding content.

A Final Chord

Based on AI algorithms, the Mintegral network is suitable for promoting mobile apps & attracting high-quality users with a high retention rate. Is it possible to miss the opportunity to test promotion on new ad spaces with freedom in creatives and a minimum entry threshold?

Adskill will help you start an easy start of any campaign with Mintegral's comprehensive software products & services. We handle all promotion difficulties, from monetization and self-service to creative automation based on Mindworks. The team successfully cooperates with official representatives of the sites, and our clients receive not only accelerated moderation but also a full audit of campaigns by site managers. We promptly resolve any disputable situations: blocking, redirects and others.