«Nutra on Amazon: effective product promotion methods»
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February 01, 2024

Nutra on Amazon

Effective product promotion methods
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The global U.S. Nutra market size was valued at $176.19 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach over $346 billion by 2032. For example, the Gambling niche is notably lagging behind and is in second place with ~$60 billion in sales for 2023. Exactly how to move up in the nutra vertical on Amazon's US marketplace is what we will be talking about today.
Nutra: how to promote products on Amazon?
To promote skincare cosmetics on Amazon, we chose the TikTok playset, which has an audience of over 1.1 billion monthly active users. Amazon is visited by 2.4 billion people per month in the US alone (almost a third of the world's population!).
Our client is an advertising agency promoting an American brand.
Vertical — E-commerce.
GEO targeting — USA.
Special features & characteristics — store of an advertising agency client on Amazon.
Product — highly sought-after product for skin improvement, moisturizer for wrinkles.
Target group of the product — women 30+.
Size of the business — the end customer has over 8,500 reviews for the product, which has been on the market for several years.

Metrics of the advertising campaigns. The effectiveness of the advertising campaigns was evaluated:

  • Price per conversion (CPA)
  • Number of conversions
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Number of impressions
  • Add to cart price
  • Checkout price

The platform is TikTok.

The client wanted to increase sales, reduce the cost per target action, and work with a CPA of $18.
A strategy for promotion on Amazon with Nutra
To launch an advertising campaign, we have drawn up a detailed plan to promote the product:

1. Pre-moderate promotional materials to comply with TikTok guidelines.
2. Developing a strategy for launching an ad campaign.
3. Advising the client on the specifics of working with this product and Amazon Marketplace with a guest consultant.
Testing different advertising approaches and methods with a budget of $4000/month.
5. Customise the strategy based on the test analysis.
6. Advising the client by our guest consultant based on analyzing the performance of the advertising account, the route, the mistakes made, and the ways to correct them to increase the number of conversions.
7. Launch of confirmed approaches by the client, taking into account the recommendations received during the consultation.
8. Carrying out additional tests by the client to find new routes and target groups.
We developed a strategy to promote the product on the site, focusing on working with the Amazon Marketplace. The following recommendations were highlighted:
  • Utilize pre-landing or "padding" before Amazon, and consistently use multiple successful landing pages and Instagram pages to track results correctly.
  • Define the structure and necessary triggers for landing pages.
  • Get feedback from Amazon sellers every three days.
  • Test the effectiveness of advertising media in combination with different landing pages.
  • Determine the basic requirements for the structure and triggers of the advertising media.
  • Create a diagram of product rankings on the Amazon website.
  • Create a certain number of attribution links (assigned links).
Nutra-Offer: pain points overcome
Entering a highly competitive niche was not easy, mainly because of the strict requirements for "whitelisting". It's an arduous process of scrubbing every page, reworking or removing cliche phrases, and finding converting creatives.

The biggest challenge in working was the client's ignorance of Amazon's nuances and his lack of understanding of the target audience. But we pulled it off!
Assessing the effectiveness of promotion
  • The CPA, or cost per conversion, was 17.9;
  • Increased LTV — customer return increased by 17% thanks to retargeting campaigns;
  • Sales increased by 27% during the campaign period;
  • The average ROAS across accounts was 1.67.
Effective online presence
In 2024, nutra will not lose its relevance, fueled by both the trend towards a healthy lifestyle, and the constantly rising standard of living. Teams that place ads in this area will definitely not be at a disadvantage.

With AdSkill's expertise in the nutra niche, we effectively implement promotion, achieving high profits. The team is constantly expanding their knowledge and skills while staying on top of all industry trends.
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