«Taboola: the advertising giant that brings businesses to the top»
October 2, 2023

Taboola: the advertising giant that brings businesses to the top

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In an era where the information noise grows ever louder, brands face a tough challenge to stand out and discover effective promotional tools. But fear not, Taboola, the world's largest native advertising platform, has arrived to claim its rightful place in the arena! With its unrivaled capabilities, Taboola unleashes the full potential of content and entices a vast audience.
This dynamic powerhouse is a game-changer for any business, offering unparalleled protection against bot traffic. Let us delve into the realm of contextual advertising and witness how Taboola seamlessly integrates into this landscape.
Taboola delivers 1 trillion content recommendations each month to over 1.4 billion unique users worldwide. It partners with 9000+ select publishers including FoxNews, NBC News, USA Today, Bloomberg, Aol., The Independent, El Mundo, etc. It’s with Taboola that it will be possible to promote ads on top resources that are not available on other sources. The advertiser only needs to sign an exclusive agreement with the platform.
Taboola features are advanced targeting parameters, convenient advertising formats, clear interface, low CPC rates (per click) as well as effective strategies for their assignment. But keep in mind, to place an ad unit on Taboola, the publisher needs at least 1 million page views per month.
About the Platform in a Nutshell
The platform sets a great pace in the marketing industry and demonstrates tremendous reach:
  • 95% in the US;
  • 89% in the UK;
  • 85% in France;
  • 78% in Germany.
The Contextual Advertising Market & Taboola Place In It
The platform's dominance in native advertising has the potential to establish a monopoly. It benefits from a diverse GEO and continuous development, resulting in 516 million daily users and expanding its reach to a paying audience.
  • Nearly 60% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase;
  • A staggering 48% of global purchases are made online;
  • 30% of companies harness the power of contextual advertising to directly connect with consumers.
Digital marketing is experiencing an exhilarating surge! The statistics paint a compelling picture:
In this propitious landscape, Taboola thrives. Unlike search engines that serve up specific information based on user queries, Taboola takes a leap forward by curating content tailored to individual preferences. Embrace the future of marketing where personalized recommendations reign supreme!
The platform uses native advertising and artificial intelligence technologies to promote and increase efficiency. For example, self-learning algorithms analyze user preferences and behavior to suggest the most relevant content. Contextual analysis and semantic text understanding determine how ads match the context of the page and users' interests.

Everyone wins:
  • Advertisers expand the customer base;
  • Publishers monetize content, engage with new audiences.
Taboola Principles
The platform should be considered for promotion primarily by Direct Response companies. Their goal is to create an active interaction with the consumer and get the most out of their marketing efforts. Such companies motivate the audience to take certain actions (buying a product, filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.). Suitable industries for ad on Taboola:
  • FinTech;
  • E-commerce;
  • Health & Beauty;
  • Mobile games & apps.
Who is suitable for Taboola?
Besides the fact that Taboola gathers over 500 million daily users, it has other advantages:
  • High credibility — ads appear on top sites;
  • User-friendly accounts, functionality and interface;
  • Efficient budget utilization;
  • Different targeting options — by GEO, device type, browser, interests and user behavior.
Taboola fosters a good ecosystem, bridging the gap between users hungry for captivating content and advertisers seeking a vast audience. The key to success lies in crafting bright, comprehensible creatives that effortlessly capture users' attention. It's crucial to place your bets on intriguing, memorable headlines tailored specifically to the needs of your target audience.

Brace yourself for an advertising experience that blurs the line between promotion and genuine content!
The Taboola's ads seamlessly integrate into widgets within the text, appearing either at the bottom, top or side of an article. The contextual relevance ensures ads are displayed on the pages of various publishers, catering to the subject matter and audience. The creative design seamlessly blends with the website, causing users to perceive the ads as authentic recommendations originating from the platform itself. Taboola offers two enticing types of thumbnails, adding a touch of visual appeal to the mix.
Advertising Format — an Outsider's Perspective
1. The Static Image is represented by banners and teasers in 1000 x 600 pixels format (JPEG, JMP, PNG, WEBP). It consists of text and image, branded text can be set only at the campaign level. For example, the banner of a cosmetics brand is better placed on a site about fashion and beauty, the banner of a new mobile app — on a site about technology. They integrate into the natural page structure of the site and aim to attract attention. Such ads don't annoy users, lead them to action: clicking on a link or making a purchase.
2. Motions Ads. Did you know that one-third of all activity on the Internet comes from watching videos? This ad format is adept at visual appeal, has an emotional impact, reaches audiences widely and is better remembered. Like YouTube, Taboola shows video ads before, during or after videos on websites. Creatives can be uploaded in both animated image formats and short videos (MP4, MOV, GIF). Recommended video length is up to 10 seconds.
Taboola empowers advertisers to get their message to thousands of potential customers. Through its flexible solutions, ads are successfully optimized and help achieve better campaign results. Take advantage of the wide field of experimentation in customizing strategies. Seek help from the AdSkill team to sidestep issues related to:

  • Lack of free trial;
  • Limited payment options;
  • Ad rejection;
  • Lengthy moderation (2-3 days).

We'll set up an agency account with your personal account manager from Taboola, carefully plan, optimize the campaign, track and measure results with a variety of tools (from adding a Taboola pixel to audience remarketing). Get significant traffic to your website, increase conversion rates and achieve your marketing goals with dedicated support from Taboola for agencies and no waiting for a new account to open!
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