«TikTok Case: $60,000 In Sales & +30% In Traffic»
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August 21, 2023

TikTok Case: $60,000 In Sales & +30% In Traffic

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Our client is a medium-sized company selling Chinese-made electric cars priced from $60,000.
GEO of the launch — Belarus.
Vertical — E-commerce Dealership.
The client's primary objective was to boost sales through a two-month TikTok source testing initiative. Our key responsibility was to optimize the advertising offer specifically tailored to the TikTok audience, aiming to maximize its effectiveness and drive conversions.
Strategy and Implementation
Working on a large project, we involved several departments at once: pre-moderation, SV platforms, account managers, and designers. To analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in TikTok, it was necessary to evaluate the price per completed application (CPA), and the number of conversions and clicks on the ad (CTR).
Phase I. Creating and making edits to creatives by our moderation team
The priority was the pre-moderation of all promotional materials for compliance with TikTok Policy. This allowed us to avoid blocking and restrictions in the future. We developed a pool of creatives for different target audiences of TikTok, dividing them by age and ability to pay.
Stage II. Developing an advertising campaign launch strategy and tests
As part of the launch strategy, we incorporated 13 initial creatives, which underwent continuous refinement and edits by our skilled designers. Following the test run, we meticulously evaluated the performance of these creatives. By employing suitable promotional methods and approaches, we maximized their effectiveness. This comprehensive process spanned a two-week period and involved a budget allocation of $800.
Based on the test analysis, adjustments were made to the promotion strategy plan. We decided not to abandon additional tests but continued to search for new routes and audience engagement.

Testing of all 13 creatives took place on certain days, as it was necessary to collect analytics as quickly as possible. When launching a campaign with individual groups without bids, we used:

  • Collecting audiences for retargeting;
  • Working with comments;
  • Direct transfer to the site and lead form of the site.
Phase III. Solving problems encountered in the process of promotion
While developing the optimal promotion in TikTok for our client, we pointed out to him the pain points of the campaign. Firstly, the small size of the country was a hindrance, and secondly, the lack of data on identical products in GEO targeting. We created a variety of creatives, each strategically planned to achieve specific goals:

1. Direct Purchase Offers: contained compelling and direct calls to action, encouraging customers to make an immediate purchase. These creatives focused on highlighting the unique features of the Chinese electric cars offered by our client and their competitive pricing, convincing potential customers to make a purchase decision.

2. Installment Pricing. To meet the needs of a wider audience and address the issue of affordability, we developed creatives that focused on flexible installment programs. By showcasing the convenience and affordability of financial options, we sought to appeal to budget-minded consumers looking for a more manageable payment structure.

3. Brand awareness. Realizing the importance of building brand awareness and establishing trust, we also created creatives aimed at introducing our client's company and its extensive product portfolio. These creatives were aimed at building brand familiarity and establishing trust. They formed the basis for long-term client relationships.

With a variety of approaches to developing the creatives, we sought to maximize the impact of the client's advertising campaign by effectively reaching and engaging with the target audience.
Results for 3 months of work
  • CPA (bid price)=$7, which completely satisfied the client;
  • Increase in LTV: traffic to the offline salon increased by 30%;
  • Sales growth: conversion rate increased by 6% in two months;
  • Gender analysis: we also identified the most active customers by gender, and they were men;
  • Outlook: the AdSkill team developed a strategy for further promotion based on the data collected in 2 months.
What Are The Conclusions?
At launch, the bid price was $7, and offline salon traffic increased by 30% after successful promotion. The client was satisfied, as the conversion from requests to orders reached 6% in two months. In both cases, we were able to identify the most active customers by gender, and in the second launch, men were found to be the most active customers. The data collected over two months allowed AdSkill experts to develop a strategy for further promotion on TikTok.

This platform provides all conditions for advertising Products and Services with high value, thanks to its stable solvent audience and wide coverage of users.

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