«Top 5 reasons why a marketer needs ChatGPT »
October, 30 2023
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Top 5 reasons why a marketer needs ChatGPT

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It happened! ChatGPT service has finally relieved marketers and advertisers of routine, simplified daily tasks, and accelerated many business processes. Despite the fact that ChatGPT successfully passed the interview at Google, it’s still difficult to call him a full-fledged employee of the company.
But as an assistant, it can be! Let's find out how ChatGPT will be useful to a marketer.
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-based program. It was developed by OpenAI, a company led by Sam Altman and Ilon Musk, and launched on November 30, 2022. From that day on, it instantly caught the attention of marketers with its extensive capabilities, one of which is deep learning for generating text responses to user queries.

The main "feature of ChatGPT" is time saving and an invaluable opportunity to focus on priority tasks. What else will surprise you about this service?
How Cool is ChatGPT?
Marketers and advertisers can use both the free GPT-3.5 version and the Plus The latter version is 40% more accurate and 82% safer.
«25% of companies in the US save up to $50-70k with ChatGPT, and 11% of them save over $100k», — MarketSplash
5 Things ChatGPT Can do to Help a Marketer or Advertiser
Any content writer will tell you that ChatGPT is a great idea generator or "text fish" that you can take as a base and refine. But what would marketers say?
1 — Thanks for Generating Content!
ChatGPT has access to a huge amount of information, so it easily generates content on various topics and takes trends into account. It describes products, creates headlines, articles, calls to action (CTAs), mailing lists, etc. The service is able to adapt to different styles and tones of communication. And with its help, the marketer can quickly create:
  • Blog text. By keywords or phrases, the AI model reproduces unique content optimized for SEO and interesting for the audience;
  • Social media posts. ChatGPT writes social media publications for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. The system independently collects and optimizes short, fun captions in the right style;
  • Video scripts. What about short video scripts for commercials? The service will easily handle this task after you offer it a few key queries and requirements.
2 — Thanks for the Lead Generation!
The ChatGPT neural network has excellent linguistic ambitions, which allows it to have interactive text conversations with website visitors. The service collects information about customers, which is further used to engage and nurture audiences.
ChatGPT can also be integrated into a lead scoring system to help identify and prioritize potential customers. The neural network analyzes a visitor's interaction with a website, social media or chatbot and generates targeted emails to increase conversions and the effectiveness of mailings.
3 — Thanks for Effective E-marketing!
ChatGPT knows how to generate personalized email newsletters. Segmentation is based on customer behavior and preferences. When writing an email, marketers customize the text to each customer, taking into account their interests. The service tests and makes recommendations on different topics to find an effective message to a specific audience. And it is also able to segment email lists based on the behavior and interests of recipients.
4 — Thumbs Up for Easy Customer Service!
ChatGPT's neural network is becoming a great resource for 24/7 customer support. The company's website is now accessible to them regardless of time zone. All a marketer needs to do is train the chatbot to answer FAQs (frequently asked questions). This care for loyal customers ensures that they have a positive experience interacting with the company/brand.
E-marketing emphasizes chatbots, which are useful for businesses in the niche of e-com and social media platforms because they interact with visitors and collect contact information about them.
5 — Seriously? There are Even Voice Assistants?
The more inclusive a business is, the more effective advertising it gets. Marketers should incorporate ChatGPT into voice assistants (Amazon Alexa or Google Home) to provide a comfortable and enjoyable customer experience. Today, the service can offer automated and conversational service, detailed product information and recommendations that are synchronized with the voice device.
Vall-E Text To Speech (TTS) artificial intelligence is able to make a 3-second recording of a person's speech and then convert it into speech with that same person's voice.
According to Microsoft, «Vall-E is a language model neural codec with data for 60,000 hours of English speech. They are 100 times larger than other systems on the market».
Plugins: Expanding the Possibilities of ChatGPT
In addition, the marketer's portfolio now includes GPT plugins. These tools are designed specifically for language models and adhere to the principle of security. They make it easier to find relevant information, perform calculations and use third-party services. Thanks to the plugins, ChatGPT retrieves data from sources such as:

  • News sites;
  • Web pages;
  • Blogs;
  • Databases;
  • Other online resources.
Thanks to plugins, ChatGPT not only analyzes data uploaded through 2022, but also does real web searches. Here are a few of them:
  • FiscalNote will give ChatGPT access to policy and legal data, providing information on legislation and regulatory issues;
  • Zapier will help you interact with over 5,000 applications such as Google Sheets, Trello, Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce and more;
  • Klarna will find and compare prices across thousands of online stores;
  • Speak will teach you how to say something in other languages.
Using Chat GPT: One Step Ahead of the Competition
Marketers and advertisers can integrate AI into their marketing practices, and they will win with it! Apart from the main reasons why you should use ChatGPT, there are tons of indirect ones. The service does search engine optimization as well as a qualified SEO'er, organizes data in Excel or Google Sheets as well as marketers, and conducts market research, saving time, effort, and money.

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