«Driving efficient traffic: agency advertising accounts»
May, 2024

Driving efficient traffic: agency advertising accounts

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In digital marketing, it is often necessary to work within the constraints of advertising platforms. These limitations can prevent the scaling of a business by limiting the budget. The placement of advertisements through platform cabinets carries an increased risk of instant blocking for suspicious activity, as well as facing strict moderation and limits. However, all these restrictions are removed when using agency advertising accounts.

This article will provide an overview of these accounts and, by presenting feedback, explain why advertisers choose to use them to scale their businesses.
An agency account is an advertising account with advanced functionality and features that is created for marketing and digital agencies. Platforms show increased trust in such accounts, providing more favorable terms of cooperation than standard accounts.

It is not possible to create an agency account independently, as you must meet a number of criteria, including budgets, the amount of expenses, documentation, and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Such requirements are often beyond the reach of an ordinary advertiser, so the most logical solution is to gain access through partner companies of advertising networks.
Standard or agency — what is the difference?
For many advertisers, agency accounts represent a significant advantage in a landscape of ever-increasing restrictions. These accounts offer a range of benefits, including extended support, increased trust, and other advantages.

Below is an overview of the key differences between the two account types:
  • Low trust at the start
  • Blocking and strict moderation of creatives
  • Long payment processing
  • Limited help
  • GEO limits
  • Maximum trust
  • Priority moderation of campaigns
  • Instant account funding
  • Dedicated support
  • Extended list of GEOs
With deep expertise across multiple verticals, AdSkill is a certified partner of over 20 traffic sources and offers agency ad cabinets to scale projects quickly and efficiently.
By using our accounts, you get a number of benefits:
  1. Dedicated team of experts: source team leads, personal managers and specialists launch and scale campaigns 7 days a week.
  2. Moderation 10 times faster than a personal account! Creative review, campaign optimization recommendations and full technical support.
  3. Convenient payment methods, personalized solutions for each case. Cryptocurrency, wire transfers, credit cards.
  4. Unlimited spending, cashbacks and bonuses.
  5. More than 100 GEOs + exclusive ones with a niche audience.
  6. Instant withdrawal of funds from the account in case of blocking.
  7. Easy start in traffic sources with complex access, such as Taboola, Applovin, Liftoff, which cooperate only with the largest advertisers and agencies with proven ability to pay.
This way you will not only save your nerves, but also your budget, and your advertising will reach the end user internationally without restrictions!

Facebook Agency Account
Facebook is one of the leading advertising platforms with strict rules and requirements. So it's not surprising that advertisers are often blocked for a variety of reasons: prohibited creative, page not warmed up, lack of required information, or copyright infringement.

Ad moderation is done automatically using algorithms. And as soon as there is a controversial situation, the system sends the ad for review by technical support specialists.

During moderation, three parameters become the most important:

  1. Account information — registration date, account owner's GEO, payment method and data.
  2. Ad characteristics — type of product/service, quality of images, videos and text, and location of the ad.
  3. Target page — relevance to the ad content, correct information and connection security.
The platform's strict policy increasingly creates situations in which an advertising account can be permanently blocked. The rules are regularly updated and the criteria for review are becoming stricter.

To avoid being banned and get the most out of your campaigns, all you need to do is get access to a Facebook Agency Account from AdSkill and take advantage of additional benefits:
  1. Unlimited accounts: no daily spending limit.
  2. No payment problems: our own credit line from Meta.
  3. High account trust: we are an official Meta partner.
  4. Extended GEOs: access to countries where you can't send traffic from your personal pages.
  5. Financial security: if your account is banned, you can request a refund and transfer your money to another account.
  6. Professional moderation by AdSkill's team of experts.
  7. Prompt resolution of all technical issues related to problems in the advertising account.
  8. Meta PRO support.
Fill out the form and submit an application to:
  • Get agency accounts with the support of a personal account manager and unlimited spending.
  • Get recommendations on other channels where you can effectively promote your offer.
How to get agency advertising accounts
Customer feedback
«I am responsible for advertising in the network of one of the largest online universities in the CIS, and the problem of account blocking was critical for us. If our advertising account is blocked at the moment of active group recruitment, we suffer financial losses that are hard to imagine. Working with AdSkill agency accounts for us is a certainty that the advertising conveyor belt will not stop!», — Alexander, Head of Digital Marketing.
«I would like to extend my gratitude to your team. We have been working with agency accounts and have not received such quality and responsiveness!», — GlavStroy-2020 Company.
«You assisted me in launching my store advertising in a single day !!!! In a single day, Carl !!! When I was unable to do so for two weeks due to blockages!», — Nikita, Dropshipper.
«In just two months, we increased the profit of our e-commerce store by three times. This was made possible by the stability of our traffic, allowing us to scale without any problems», — Nurlan, Owner of Several E-commerce Brands.
«Guys, it's a buzz. We've made our client 18,000 webinar registrations in 3 days from one advertising account, and at 10% lower CPA than usual. Your unlimited accounts are top-notch!», — Anastasia, Team Lead at an Ad Agency.
«It's convenient to keep a reserve balance on your agency account and replenish clients' advertising accounts», — Alina, Advertising Agency Owner.
«Feedback on questions and tasks is quick. You give advice on scaling and optimizing advertising», — Georgy, Affiliate Marketer.
Frequently Asked Questions
AdSkill offers agency accounts that provide stability in working with advertising networks. Our services eliminate limitations and guarantee a successful course for your ads! Contact our experts and we will analyze your tasks and choose the optimal source of traffic to achieve your business goals.