«Manager and agency accounts: how to manage ads in Yandex direct»
Как управлять рекламой в Яндекс Директ, управляющий аккаунт, агентский кабинет

How to manage ads in Yandex direct

The Manager Account and Agency Account in Yandex Direct provide extensive opportunities for centralized management of advertising campaigns, task delegation, and optimization of advertising activities. These tools are especially useful for advertising agencies, marketers, and companies working with multiple clients simultaneously.
In our article, we will detail the process of creating and setting up a Manager Account, as well as offer practical recommendations for using the Agency Account to achieve the most effective results when managing advertising in Yandex Direct.


Yandex holds a leading position in the digital advertising markets. More than 400,000 advertisers trust this service for their campaigns, and its search engine holds about 64% of the market as of early 2024.
Yandex.Direct is a comprehensive advertising platform that provides opportunities for both contextual and display advertising. It effectively helps in creating a sales funnel and addressing various marketing tasks at each stage.

The main advantages of Yandex.Direct include:
  1. Precise Targeting: The platform allows targeting by various parameters such as keywords, geolocation, gender, age, and more.
  2. Results Monitoring: Built-in analytics and reporting tools provide data on campaign performance, helping to make informed decisions for optimization.
  3. Extensive Audience: Yandex has a significant user base, expanding the reach to the target audience.
  4. Search Advertising: Placing ads in search results attracts the attention of interested users, increasing conversion chances.
These advantages make Yandex.Direct a powerful tool for achieving marketing goals and maximizing return on advertising investment.


An account is your personal dashboard in Yandex Direct, accessible via login. You can create a new login for advertising work in Yandex Direct or use the same one used for mail and other Yandex services.

Managing advertising in Direct looks as follows:
  1. List of Advertising Campaigns: The account presents a complete list of all advertising campaigns.
  2. Advertising Campaigns: Each campaign is divided into ad groups.
  3. Ad Groups: Include ads with different texts but with the same set of keywords. Groups allow for A/B testing of ad materials and creating different ads for mobile devices and desktops.


An account in Yandex integrates with several services such as mail, Metrica, and an organization card in Yandex Business. For task delegation to contractors and employees, whether a one-time audit or regular monitoring, it is advisable to use the representative function in Yandex Direct. The system provides different roles with specific access levels.

Main Representative: A user with full access who can edit campaigns, top up the balance, and perform other functions. This representative can also register and remove other representatives, manage the Manager Account, and change access levels. To appoint another user as the main representative, go to the "Change Main Representative" link, select the desired login from the list, and click "Appoint." The previous main representative retains access to campaigns but loses the ability to manage other representatives.

Representatives: Receive access to the owner's account. The number of representatives is unlimited. Only the main representative can register a representative. In the left menu, click Information → Your Representatives. Enter a login not previously used for Direct work and personal data. Select the representative's access level, which can be changed later.

  • Full access allows editing ads, viewing statistics, paying for campaigns, transferring funds, and other actions.
  • Read-only access permits viewing campaign settings and statistics without payment and balance management.

To remove a representative, click the corresponding link next to the login on the representatives page. The removed representative loses access to campaign management not only in Direct but also in other Yandex commercial services.


Yandex Direct's Manager Account is a specialized account type that allows centralized management of multiple advertising accounts and campaigns. It is intended for agencies, marketers, and companies managing multiple advertising projects simultaneously. The Manager Account provides access to various tools and functions that simplify the process of managing advertising activities.

Key benefits of the Manager Account include:

  • Centralized Management: Ability to control and configure advertising campaigns in multiple accounts from a single interface.
  • Delegation of Access: Granting access to individual accounts or campaigns to employees or partners with different levels of rights.
  • Consolidation of Reporting: Collecting and analyzing data on all advertising activities in one place, simplifying monitoring and campaign optimization.
  • Convenience for Agencies: Agencies can easily switch between client accounts, manage campaigns, and provide clients with performance reports.
The Manager Account does not have access to balance and payments but can be configured with various access levels: administration, editing, or reading. One connected Manager Account can access up to 50 other accounts.
How to Set Up and Connect the Yandex Direct Manager Account
Connecting the Manager Account is done through the menu Information → Your Representatives → Manager Account. To grant management access, specify the login of an account registered in Direct. You can grant access to your campaigns to a maximum of 20 accounts. Only a login with main representative access can add Manager Accounts.
After assigning a login as the Manager Account, confirm the invitation in your account menu. Upon accepting the invitation, you can switch between available accounts in this menu and manage their advertising campaigns. The manager can also analyze account metrics using the "Report Wizard" and search query statistics. For a detailed study of each account's statistics, use the "Account" tab.


The Yandex Direct Agency Account is a tool designed for advertising agencies and large advertisers, allowing the management of multiple advertising accounts from a single interface.
Registration of the Yandex Direct Agency Account
To register an agency account, fill out the necessary forms to obtain an agency login. The agency login in Yandex Direct opens access to an interface designed specifically for advertising agencies. Managing different clients' campaigns is done from one login, and a flexible access system allows agency employees to work only with their clients' accounts. No minimum conditions are required to register an agency account – simply be an agency and submit an application.

After gaining access to the agency interface, you can conclude a service agreement with Yandex, which provides additional benefits:

  1. Support for campaign planning and strategy selection.
  2. Training and certification, which increases the qualification of specialists.
  3. Agency commission as an additional incentive for agencies.

Yandex outlines the necessary cooperation conditions that must be met over three calendar months.
Advantages of Yandex Direct Agency Accounts from AdSkill
With high expertise in various verticals, AdSkill is a certified partner of over 20 traffic sources and provides agency advertising accounts for rapid and effective scaling of projects in Yandex Direct.

Using our accounts, you gain several advantages:
  1. Dedicated expert team: Source team lead, personal manager, and specialists launch and scale campaigns 7 days a week.
  2. Faster moderation: Creative approval, campaign optimization recommendations, and full technical support.
  3. Convenient payment methods: Personalized solutions for each case, including cryptocurrency, transfers, bank cards, and working without VAT.
  4. Quick top-ups.
  5. Cashback and bonuses: Opportunities for receiving cashback and bonuses.

Contact the AdSkill expert team to get an agency account and recommendations on other effective channels for advertising your offer.


For maximum effectiveness in managing advertising accounts, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Use the Manager Account for easier campaign management: If you have multiple accounts or work in a team, creating a Manager Account will significantly simplify management and control over advertising campaigns.
  2. Train users before granting access: Before giving access to a Yandex Direct account, ensure users understand the platform's basic principles and can effectively manage campaigns.
  3. Regularly update user information and roles: When changing roles or responsibilities of users with access, update their information and change their access level if necessary.


To set up and manage advertising in Direct, follow several steps suggested by Yandex:

1. Specify the name of the advertising campaign: Users will not see it. It is recommended to include the advertised object and region to simplify account management.
2. Select the display schedule: You can set the start and end dates of the advertising campaign and the time of ad display. By default, ads are displayed 24/7.
3. Set regions for ad display: Configured in the "Geography" section in the pop-up window with a list.
4. Choose platforms for ad display: Ads can be shown on all platforms, only in Search, or only on Yandex partner sites.
5. Determine the display strategy: You can choose a strategy with manual or automatic bid management. Manual strategies are suitable for those who can frequently monitor and adjust bids for key queries. Automatic strategies solve bid management based on tasks, e.g., for maximum clicks within a given budget.
6. Add negative keywords: These are words and phrases for which the ad will not be shown.
7. Use metrics: If the site has a Metrica counter installed, click "Add," enter the counter number, and activate link tagging.
8. Set up notifications: Email and SMS notifications help to promptly track changes in the campaign. If the phone number is not specified, add it. All notifications from Direct are provided for free.

Following these steps will help you effectively manage advertising in Direct. The correct campaign name and display schedule will optimize its operation, and the selection of regions and platforms will ensure accurate targeting. Setting up display strategy, metrics, and notifications will allow you to maximize the budget and promptly respond to changes.


The Manager Account and Agency Account in Yandex Direct are modern tools for effective management of advertising campaigns. They allow centralized control over multiple accounts, which is especially useful for agencies and marketers.
The Manager Account simplifies task delegation and monitoring of advertising activities, providing convenience and flexibility when working with various clients. The Agency Account, in turn, offers additional benefits such as support, training with certification, and agency commission.

Reach a vast audience and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with Yandex Direct. The AdSkill team ensures successful promotion, providing agency accounts and support at all stages of work.