«Selling and high-quality content for marketplaces»
March, 12 2023

Selling and high-quality content for marketplaces

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Content is an integral part of successful sales on marketplaces. The quality and content of a product card directly affects ranking, conversion and seller's profit. In this article, we will discuss what selling content should be like in order to truly work and bring the desired result.
The e-commerce industry has experienced significant growth in the past decade. International revenue exceeded $6 trillion by the end of 2023, and is projected to increase to $6.9 trillion in 2024 and $8.148 trillion by the end of 2026.
  • The top-selling products in e-commerce are clothing, shoes, consumer electronics, books, movies, home entertainment, and personal care and beauty.
  • The e-commerce penetration rate was 19% in 2022 and is expected to reach 25% by 2027.
  • China has the largest e-commerce market, followed by the US, UK, and Japan.
  • Currently, there are 2.64 billion digital buyers worldwide.
Sales on marketplaces
«eBay and Amazon are both among the leading e-commerce retailers in the world. By 2027, Amazon looks to top the list and generate over 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars in estimated sales, surpassing Alibaba by a slim margin», — Statista.
Online commerce on marketplaces continues to grow by almost every metric, and that's why it's important for a seller to pay special attention to the selling content and how its core components will look.
The main criteria for selling content
First of all, the content should be original and attractive. It should stand out against the background of other offers and interest the audience. For this purpose it is necessary to:

  • use media content — attention-grabbing images and videos, infographics.
  • qualitatively describe products and their characteristics using rich content.
  • work with user-generated content — answer questions and user reviews about the product, receive photos and videos from real customers.
Creating unique visual content for marketplaces
Uplevel your e-commerce images
The quality of photos in product cards is of utmost importance to attract customers and increase demand.
Images with no emphasis on the subject or poor quality are just a few reasons why a customer may abandon a purchase and a seller may not pass moderation on a marketplace. Professional photos with a unique style can have a significant impact on commercial performance:

  • increase CTR — the ratio of the number of impressions and conversions to the card.
  • improve your position in the marketplace due to conversions and successful transactions.
  • reduce the number of negative events — returns and refunds.
  • increase conversion into purchases.
Add 360° photos
360-degree images make it possible to view products from different angles and have a number of advantages:

  • Demonstration: colors, volume and features of the model are clearly visible.
  • Stand out from the crowd: product cards will have a special sign to acknowledge the presence of 360° photos.
Product card infographics
An infographic is an image that shows the useful characteristics of a product and its benefits. This approach allows the buyer to get primary information about the product in a few seconds and understand what it can be used for. It is recommended to add the following data:

  • practical ways of using a product.
  • key advantages that distinguish products.
  • technical specifications or bundling.
  • benefits or solutions that the consumer will receive.
How to create infographics for marketplaces
There are various services that simplify the process of creating infographics.
  • Canva offers a wide range of visual elements, from simple icons to colorful illustrations and animated stickers. With a variety of shapes and frames, you can easily create infographics for e-commerce.
  • Visme. Creating infographics with Visme is surprisingly easy. Customizable content blocks make it easy to edit section by section without changing the entire template.
Capture attention with videos
Video content is a modern and effective way to attract attention to a product. In marketplaces, this format gives a competitive advantage. A good video should convey something that cannot be shown in a photo. For example, the physical sensations of clothing, video instruction, testing or unpacking items.

It’s worth noting that the technical requirements of the marketplaces may differ. Amazon and eBay provide detailed regulations for videos.
«According to a survey, 96.3% of customers say video is crucial for researching products. Customers who view videos are 3.6X more likely to convert than non-viewing customers», — Amazon.

How to write a selling description

An important part of selling content on marketplaces is the product description. It complements the main characteristics and can answer users' questions, closing their doubts. If the description is clear and corresponds to the product, buyers will not have the feeling that they have been deceived. Let's highlight the main tasks of any description:

  • to reveal the characteristics in more detail.
  • close the doubts of users about the planned purchase.
  • to compare expectations of the product with reality.
  • to show that after the purchase of the product will be better.
Use the right keywords
For the most effective product description it is necessary to pay attention to keywords. To do this, you can use the search statistics in Google Trends. Type in the desired phrase and study the additional words that are most often used in search queries.

It's also a good idea to research other sellers. This will help evenly distribute all the phrases in the description so that they help the reader get the most complete picture of the product.
Pump up the description with rich content
Rich content is an effective marketing tool that allows you to enrich your product description by including multimedia elements such as images and videos.

What is the advantage of such content?

  • Emotional impact is improved. Media elements increase the impact on buyers' emotions and cause more desire for action. This makes it possible to better remember the product and make a buying decision.
  • The product is presented from different angles. The buyer can consider the product from all sides and form their own opinion about it.
  • Refunds and returns are reduced. Short videos and multimedia can reduce negative events, leading to higher rankings catalogs.
  • The benefits of products are revealed. This kind of content is the best way to visually showcase the full benefits of a product. A video can convey more information than a long text description.
«Surveys show that up to 97 percent of customers incorporate feedback into their decision when buying online, while 85 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation», — xsellco.
Increase interactivity and user loyalty
The type of selling content that is often overlooked is user feedback and questions about a product.
User-generated content helps to:

  • Improve the seller's positioning on the marketplace due to high rankings and many positive reviews. In addition, photo and video reviews allow users to better familiarize themselves with the product and make a quicker purchase decision.
  • Identify flaws with the help of valid negative reviews. This provides an opportunity to make changes to the product and improve its quality. It is also important to respond to feedback from disappointed customers and resolve issues.
  • Finalize the product cards. Repeated questions from customers should be analyzed and additions to product features should be made promptly.

To engage interactivity and motivate customers to leave reviews, make them happy:
  • Use a neat package and attach a postcard with useful information about the rules of product care, a promo code and an offer to leave a review. Such a thoughtful approach will not go unnoticed and will attract grateful feedback from your satisfied customers.

Checklist: how to create selling and high-quality content for marketplaces

Use high-resolution photos. They can have a significant impact on the main commercial indicators: increase conversion rates and raise you to the top.

Add infographics — this allows the customer to get information about the product in a few seconds and appreciate its main advantages.

Use video content. A good video will attract attention and convey what cannot be shown in a photo.

Write a clear description of the product: reveal all the features and improve the text with key phrases and multimedia rich content.

Increase user loyalty and interact with users through questions and feedback. This way can improve your rating and future transactions.
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