«Digest: TOP 10 social platform updates in 2024»
March, 26 2024

TOP-10 social platform updates in 2024

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Social platforms are constantly improving their systems and algorithms in marketing, advertising and promotion. It's important to be aware of these changes to achieve the best results for advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. In our digest, let's take a look at the top 10 significant updates to Google, Facebook, TikTok and Telegram in 2024.
Search ads will become more effective with new AI-based tools
Automatically created assets — is a campaign-level setting that optimizes the relevancy of search ads by creating customized headlines and descriptions. Now, in some cases, Google's AI will be used to make the created objects even more relevant to search queries. Sources for the created objects include the landing page, existing ads, and keywords in ad groups.
Testing advertised products will become more convenient thanks to augmented reality
Google's augmented reality-based cosmetics matching feature has been updated. Users can see if advertised lip or eye products will suit them before buying. This feature will positively influence customer choice and increase the chance of purchase.
The release of an updated version of the Bard chatbot, now called Gemini
For a monthly fee of $20, users get access to an improved AI model of Gemini Ultra. This change Google announced on its official blog. It is emphasized that the functionality of the chatbot based on the Gemini Pro model will remain the same.
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New Creator Management Tools in Meta Business Suite
This centralized tool is designed to help agencies and content creators manage their Facebook relationships by connecting their accounts and granting access to assets and information.
Updates for Reminder Ads
Reminder ads on Instagram help build awareness, anticipation, and consideration for launches, events, and moments. Advertisers can now include external links to new products or sales. Facebook will soon introduce Reminder ads on Reels too.
New ways to highlight promotions
Facebook is also simplifying the process for highlighting promotions and applying promo codes through Facebook and Instagram ads, resulting in a 9.1% median reduction in cost per purchase and a 10.1% median increase in conversions. This alphanumeric promo code feature will gradually become available to most businesses.
Ads with product tags on Facebook Feed
Ads with product tags make shopping easier, and will soon be available on Facebook Feed and globally for all businesses, regardless of whether they have a shop.
Recognizable products in videos
The feature being tested will recognize items in videos and automatically attach links to TikTok Shop, essentially turning users into Influencers by making every post promotional. Currently, content creators receive commissions for purchasing promoted items, but it's unclear if all users will earn from this.
Telegram channels can be officially monetized
Pavel Durov said in his blog that channel owners will be able to receive 50% of the revenue that Telegram earns from displaying advertisements in channels. Payments will be made through the TON blockchain and the Toncoin cryptocurrency.
New business features
A separate premium subscription will allow users to take advantage of new business features: the ability to list information such as location and opening hours, set up automatic greetings or away messages. Subscription prices range from $40 to $60 per year depending on country and payment method. Telegram Business is temporarily included in the regular premium version, and you can try out all the available features right now.
Social media and marketing are progressing side by side. It looks like TikTok is working on launching a new photo platform called «TikTok Photos». This was reported by one of the developers who analyzed the code of the new version of the app. Users will be able to share photos like Instagram. The launch date and countries where the app will be available are unknown.
Something new is coming: TikTok Photos
«If you are a TikTok user, you may be well aware of a feature that allows users to post pictures as videos. They appear like regular videos in the user feed. You can share multiple photos and users can slide through pictures to see them, just like Instagram. This might not be the best way to share pictures with everyone, so Tiktok decided to create a completely new & separate app called «TikTok Photos».
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